Old school clansman washing line antenna

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by ranger7703, Feb 17, 2012.

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  1. Hey all.. Any one out there have any experience with the clansman washing line, I came across one in our signals store and am interested if its any good on bowman radios.

    I know we still use the old GSA's so am wondering if this will still work and since I've never used one before I have no idea of range etc on it.

    Any help would be great

  2. You mean the double winder, one side has the coated braid, the other side is 2mm nylon for launching into trees etc?
  3. Are you on about The Ground Mounted Monopole?

  4. Yep the ground mounted monopole.. I just remember people calling it the washing line
  5. Great antenna for what is it designed to do. Can be sat on a Landrover bonnet or thrown up on the roof. Easy and quick to deploy and pack away.

    But for it's intended purpose of drying socks, it cannot be beaten.
  6. Haha.. Must try it on exercise then.. Seems like It can be pretty covert compared to a big mast..
  7. I loved it. Even the daftest of Signallers couldn't **** up its deployment.
  8. I have never seen that peice of kit in my life, please wait for a technical person to confirm, but I thought negative db attenuated a signal and positve db amplified?? Bog standard half wave dipole was 2.2db

    Army Radio Sales Co.

    No wonder it was called the washing line, VHF kit though, surely Bowman kit is better than 30 year old crap (I HOPE)
  9. But will attaching it to Bowman make the set any less of an abortion?
  10. I've found some of the older kit works well with bowman.. Just interested to see if this works, could use something quick and easy-ish to set up on exercise
  11. I think you're reading the spec wrong. When it says Gain: 30 MHz -4.5 dB, 76 MHz -1.5 dB it means

    4.5 dB at 30MHz and 1.5dB at 76MHz.

    I never saw a bog standard half wave Dipole for VHF Clansman.
  12. I dont know what terrain or ranges you are trying to work. I dont know the traffic types you are passing etc, please dont tell me. If the kit doesnt work, it needs passing back up the chain.

    Routinely unable to maintain comms with patrols within 1000m of base, kind of thing.

    People do like NOT doing what they are told, why should I plug an aerial in, when it works perfectly fine when Im stood next to him.
  13. Bollock chops, I think you're over complicating things. The thread starter has found an old GMM in the stores and wanted a bit of background on it.

    If I was you ranger, I'd throw it in with the rest of the kit the next time you go out and just have a play with it. Or write a range testing exercise and compare it with other antenna types.
  14. I'm going to use it off the vehicle fit radios... From what I understand it's able to handle the 50w power lol...

    And Jacob, good idea on the small exercise.. When I'm testing all my kit next week I'll have a play around with it.. I'll be happy if it's better than my vehicle rods and almost as good as a elevated antenna

    I'm only looking for something that's quick and easy to erect as I'm always moving around
  15. It was a great antenna for this when I used it 25 years ago when Tac and Main were leapfrogging.

    Like I say, have a play with it, you have nothing to lose and you may end up pleasantly surprised. Come back and let me know how you get on.