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Discussion in 'Gunners' started by BROCKS, Dec 7, 2006.

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  1. just been looking at the sappers section(yeah i know,i know!!) and i must admit theyve got some good topics on there..the best one being about old characters..and there are loads of posts about the legends that dont exist as much these days,got me p**sing myself ,while taking a trip down memory lane(gutersloh 92-96),altho not literally p**sing meself as i did in gutersloh 92-96 haha.i like to think weve all got memories of funny guys who did outrageous stuff,any body got any funny stories of the type..none of me if anybody remembers me tho haha.one character springs to mind for me"jenks" the slab monster!!the guy could have a 22 bottle yellow handbag,stand up,fart..then say.."could do with a few more beers!!or at tin city when the d.r.a asked if he was looking forward to the impending tour of n.i,jenks replied..." well i aint got much f**king choice,ave i" hahaha, quite a few jaws hit the deck at that point,pure class.
  2. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    Shakey from L Bty 2nd Fd biting the head off a frog and chewing it at a div arty parade in the field in Hohne.

    Never knew how the buses always ended up outside camp in Larkhill between 80 & 82.

    Who petrol bombed the provos car?

    Good old pay corps guy K**** B**d who used to give us AR payments on a weekend

    Nige Prescott taking his teeth out and cleaning them with his nail brush

    My mate Darren Crook who I met in RMP Bulford and had 2 black eyes, when asked how he got them, trying to help me escape!!

    Jock McIvor for smacking the cop who tried to arrest me in the taxi rank in Salisbury!!

    Big Pete Utteridge (RIP) for battering me as a sprog and learning me not to do it again!!

    The list is endless :D
  3. Jesus Spanish Dave, Shakey Shakespear, good mucker of mine. He also ate pubic lice one time. we threw in a few quid as a dare and he ate the fcukers.

    Sat in the Power Pub in Dortmund with him and the owner brought these huge cockroaches from the cellar. He ate them as well for a few beers.

    Also Dortmund, he knocked someones teeth out while we were in the precinct eating burgers, mass brawl broke out between us 2 and about 15 blokes (no-one told us they were Police) Got the sh*t kicked out of us and locked up.

    Ahhh happy days
  4. Oh yeah, the pay corp (Geordie) guy is now living in Thailand, My brother (another ex 2fd) met him in Bangkok a couple of years ago. Runs a furniture making factory over there.
  5. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    Ha Ha you could go on forever about Shakey old_gun last I remember of you was as RP full screw I think
  6. They had to split me and Shakey up as we were a right pair in them days, we used to tell everyone we were brothers (For them that dont know he's black). Both on the FDC in HQ bty, Shakey went to L and i went to N.

    You know how the RP bit came about, that was the CO at the time having a laugh, i was on the OP's in N Bty at the time. He bust me a couple of times and thought it would be a laugh to have me do that job for a few months. Fcuker told me that himself with the RSM (Bungalow Bill) grinning at the side of him. Our BC at the time went ballistic, told me him and the CO had a massive stand up barny especially when the CO announced he wanted me as his driver. Only way i got out of it was when i told the CO i would sign off immediately if he made me do it.

    Mind you, good doss for a few months, was gutted when it suddenly ended when Practice Camp came along. Funny that eh!
  7. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    Practise camp and the train partys, those weret days lad
  8. Solly Butler, first at 49 fd then at 40.
    Looked a right little weed, skinny little black fella. Just before 49 disbanded there was a big ruck with the turks by 2002. Once it all finished Solly made his way to the station to catch a taxi, followed by six turks. Jumps in the taxi tells the driver camp schnellmachen, driver jumps out and leaves him to it. One of the turks has a pool cue opens the door and tries to hit Solly with it. Knowing he's cornered gets out (did I mention that he won a silver medal at the Tae kwon do world games) kicks, punches, and slaps the turks around until they slink off. Hears a noise behind him turns around to finish this one off but finds Herr Polizist with his pistol drawn. "I saw zem attacking you zo I came to help" says Herr Porker and then tells him to go home.
    In the paper next week it says "Naughty English soldiers attack poor Turkish boys"
  9. :D haha yeah,i had heard of solly butler,altho i never met him,i was 127 bty just as the bty were settling in to 26regt,so as a sprog was fascinated to here all the stories..they do say for a little guy he was a serious handful!!there was a certain brick c****r in our bty who flipped a little when we were at aughnacloy...needless to say he got bust an did colly,he was ok with me to be fair,so cant really slag the guy off,remember my first meeting with him,stood on parade at trauen camp at ease,and felt this silky feeling in my hands,turned round to see what it was....and i was actually holding bricks only bollock!!,massive smooth thing it was! he must have been giving it some oil of ulay hahaha :roll: :D
  10. In 2 fd there were loads, Shakey is on already mentioned there were lots to chose from:

    Hogey (O Bty)-Clinicly Insane, last heard of doing bird in civvy street for drug offences (allegedly)

    Big Jock (Ultra nasty fcuker) tried to drown a cook in the beans, drove his car in a 15ft hole outside HQ bty office, found against the wall giggling his head off with broken ribs.

    Dell Boy Wyatt-Jumped on a table in a bar full of Irish Guards and boots one in the face (there were only 4 of us). If you wanted anything Dell was the man

    Lewey- used to just bark like a dog at everyone, he still did it i heard as a WO2

    Old Tom the NAAFI manager (Retired Gunner), an ex IG, lovely guy and an absolute nutter for his age. When his wife returned from UK to Munster she found him crawling around on his hands and knees. He used to run around the bar with a boxing glove on a pool cue beating those not drinking with it.

    Told us a story of how he sunk a U-Boat direct firing a 25 pounder. I took it with a pinch of salt until he showed me the old pics and the engraved magnetic cup holder they used to drink the Corn with on the U-Boat.

    I could sit here all day about the nutters in 2 fd, but i'm starving and want me tea.
  11. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

  12. Sol Butler always did the trainer for the Inter Bty Boxing if I remember rightly..

    Anyone recall that legend Minty? 76 Bty then went to 29 Cdo. NUT CASE! he had an assault course for his hamsters including a ring of fire (in the f*cking cage).

    I heard he also ate 6 fish from the Sgts' Mess in Plymouth and was ordered to replace them by Monday. Apparently he went to the aquarium and asked which fish didn't get on with each other and brought 3 of each and when the RSM put them together in the tank the whole thing erupted!

  13. oh and there was a whole lot more from Minty!!!
  14. i remember Minty, shared a room with him in H block. got a picture of him getting frisky with the vacuum cleaner attatchment one night after he got pissed in Amesbury lol