Old scam new slant

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by oldbloke, May 13, 2007.

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  1. Just received this. Same old scam with a twist. Sorry if it has already been done but the first one I have received like this.


    I am Major Ralph Harland, I am a British officer attached to UN peace Keeping force in Iraq, I am the commanding officer of the First Battalion of the Royal Irish Regiment, as you may know everyday, there are several cases of insurgent’s attacks and suicide bombs going on here.

    We managed to Move funds belonging to some demised persons who were attacked and killed through insurgent attacks. The total amount is US$9.5 Million dollars in cash. We want to move this money to you, so that you may keep our share for us until when we shall come over to meet you.

    We will take 60%, my partner and I. You take 40%. No strings attached, just help us move it out of Iraq, Iraq is a war zone.

    We plan on using Diplomatic courier and shipping the money out in two large metallic boxes, using diplomatic immunity. If you are interested I will send you the full details; my aim is to find a good partner that we can trust and assist us can you be trusted?

    When you receive this letter, kindly send me an e-mail here rlphharland@yahoo.co.uk, or rlphharland@aol.co.uk signifying your interest including your most confidential telephone/fax numbers for quick communication and also your contact details.

    This business is 100% risk free.


    Major Ralph Harland
  2. I think ARRSERS should play this guy, its just another type of Nigerian email scam we all seen but, I have sen a site where a guy plays these people along, quoting mafia money to getting hitmen in case these guys dont pay up, getting pics of them in very questionable poses...

    edited to add the 419 scam I meant

  3. try www.419eater.com

    Always been gobsmacked how many people get suckered in by these scumbags.
  4. That would be Maj. Ralph Harland of the Royal West African Frontier Force (Queen's Own Nigeria Regiment) then? A top bloke by all accounts. Reel the fecker in!

    Dear Major Harland,

    Thank you for your very tempting offer. Unfortunately, due to the amount of fraudsters scamming people out of millions, I feel that a bond of trust be established between us before any fiscal transactions take place.

    Firstly, I would like proof of your identity. A picture of yourself mustered on the parade square with your Rifle Company should suffice. To establish that the image you will provide is genuine and not merely a cut 'n' paste off the regiment's website, I would suggest that you get Mortar Platoon to remove their uniforms and do a bundle in an Abu Graib stylee.

    Not only would this be visible proof of your bona fides, it would also be suitable homage to another Mortar Platoon in one of our other regiments - I'm sure you know who we're talking about. If you could also convince the Badge's wife to drape herself naked over a WMIK with a 20" non-doctor then even better. I eagerly await your reply with much anticipation and scepticism.

    I have the honour to be, Sir, your most subservient mollusc.

    Buckfast Felize PVR* SAC (Retd.)
  5. I can't believe this is a scam and you lot are so cynical at times. The bloke came across as very genuine after I emailed him and he's going to send me loads of money.

    I've just sent him a cheque for £200 to enable him to release a shit load of funds to me.

    I'm going to be rich.

    Get real you lot.
  6. My money is in the post.
    rang my boss, and told him what I thought of him.
    Cant wait untill the money comes through!

    :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
  7. Boggy, you're a madman! And a brave one at that. I salute your naivete. Let us know when the readies pile in.
  8. I got one a while back from his brother , Lt Col wolf of the 2nd east Belfast armoured parachute brigade :D
  9. Send him your details. Next thing you there'll be another ethnic running around London with your passport with a brown picture in it
  10. I actually think I know his sister
  11. Don't forget who tipped you off. 100 quid will do and I will send a receipt once the cheque clears, honest! P.S. don't let matron tell you differently, you can write a cheque in crayon.
  12. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I've not been approached, but I felt i had to jump in on this great opportunity. I hope you don't mind, but I've sent £200 too. Perhaps we could share your good fortune.
  13. You too, eh, Hedgie?

    Alas, 2EBAPARABde succumbed to the de-comissioning process in NI, so all deals and bets are off. :roll:

    Especially where 1RIR is concerned. 8)

    C U in OFTI later . . . . . :wink:
  14. Don't get fooled by easy money. Play safe like me. I'm through to the final round of the Reader's Digest Draw. Just got my loan approved in anticipation. :)