Old Russian Bomber

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by happybonzo, Mar 8, 2009.

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  1. Just had this sent to me - I don't know if it was for real or not - impressive thing anyway

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  2. Air wah
  3. I don't know - being a lazy slut I forgot to post this bit that came with it

    and a bit more here CLICKY - still looks like a cut and paste though, doesn't it?

    Here's the answer - it's 3d work LINKY
  4. Its a CGI pic, about a russian proposal, it never made production. Thats all I can recall.
  5. I wonder why? :wink:
  6. It would NEVER fly and if it was to open up with it's BIG guns, it would have ripped the airframe to bits . . . . . :wink:
  7. The phot is deffo not circa 1930s!
  8. sorry, I was a mong to post it without checking it all first. I'll stick to licking windows in future
  9. Maybe it was an acranoplan? :D .

    IIRC this fcuker did fly :lol:

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  10. Cheers for finding it though happybonzo I know some people that will love to see it :)
  11. And the U.S. Battleship Turrets with triple 16" guns?

    Are the Synchronized to fire through the props? :roll: not to mention recoil forces on an aircraft frame
  12. A 300+ ton airframe needs a runway about 2to3 kms long to reach take off speed and then if needbe brake and come to a safe stop. that thing would need a hell of a longer, wider runway than that .In the first photo it showed battleship type turrets armed with some pretty heavy guns, looks good but doesn't take in Newtons second law, if anybody tried to fire them. a 120mm tank gun has a recoil inside the tank of nearly a foot and still pushes the tank back about the same distance. Most battleship turrets weigh in at just under 1000 ton each. It seems to have 16 engines and in the 1930s it is unlikely that each engine would be ably to produce 8/900 hp, sorry that would not give enough thrust for that thing to taxi let alone take off
  13. A Brab clocked in at about 130 tons
    A 747 A380 tu 124 all come in at about 3/400 tons

    that thing would weigh about 3 thousand
  14. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    the Caspian Sea Monster - it certainly did.