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An excellent concise answer.

Now, any chance of a less concise answer for the benefit of those of us who communicate using words?

Curriculum vitae, something, fast forward and direct debit.
@putteesinmyhands Sorry about that....been out since 2004 and still talk in TLA's from the old life.
@alfred_the_great Thanks for holding the fort and keeping the info flowing. I have only just surfaced from a very enjoyable Xmas :)
@Alowen Without any provenance I would be wary of it being WW1 vintage. Some of the older style cotton flags I used to have buried at the bottom of my V/S store (Visual Signalling Store) in the 80's/90's yellowed very effectively while still in their sealed plastic bag. The newer man made fibre ones stayed whiter longer (until you hoisted them over a bl**dy diesel exhaust pipe that is!). The fact that it appears to have the brass Ingelfield clips and proper fibre rope would make me think it is at least late 90's/early 2000?
@Yokel If it was a Flag Alpha or Bravo then you would be correct and it is a Burgee. The Commodores pennant is a broad pennant. In a similar vein to the now defunct ( I believe) Squadron command pennant.
It was one of the questions that was always thrown in to trip up the baby buntings doing their ceremonial exams.

I don't have access to the appropriate BR anymore so cannot give chapter and verse but I think this link goes some way to giving some of the history if you are that way inclined-

Edited to add: for heavens sake nobody look at any yachtie site. The Royal Yacht Squadron are a world unto themselves for naming conventions! The yellow wellie brigade are just odd..........
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