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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by dirk_digler, Nov 21, 2010.

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  1. Searched through all of the "Sandhurst kit list" type threads with no luck.

    Question- Is it worth me bringing all of my old rig to Sandhurst even though we get issued new kit? (thinking show kit and barrack kit- less pressure to turn around minging uniform.)

    Might seem an **** question but without taking a car to RMAS will I have anywhere to hide it?
  2. Always handy to have a couple extra sets of 95.

    However (admittedly from a CMSR perspective) you may have problems with locker inspections unless you've got somewhere to hide it. The DS will want to know either why you're being a scutter and hanging unwashed kit in your locker, or why you have too much kit. I've no idea how Sandhurst is, but I guess they take the same dim view of initiative and forward planning (what I'd call it) or unfairly advantaging yourself (what they call it).
  3. PBW

    PBW Swinger

    The question came up on my PCCBC and we were warned by DS not to consider taking our old kit with us - it's too much of an unfair advantage over those who have not had any military experience.

    Personally I am going to have all manner of old kit and spares in my car - I would suggest befriending someone with a car in the first five weeks and bringing all you might need back with you after the first leave weekend!!
  4. I have so much old kit kicking around, as I will have no other place to keep it, what with moving out of my flat to go, I'm going to have to keep it in my car. Along with all of my worldly possessions.
  5. Do you not get a personal footlocker? Guess I'll have to rent a seat in someones car then! Will be worth bringing a spare set of 95s especialy as we are told there are 2 washing machines per platoon
  6. 2 washing machines per platoon is enough that you can be in clean pressed kit at all times given enough personal admin and skills and teamwork. We did our washing communally by sections and made sure the duty was shared fairly. Thats the point of the Junior Term - don't fight the white boys! Turn up on the first day, on time, with the kit required of you and a determined attitude. If you turn up looking after yourself, or for shortcuts, the DS and your new mates will soon find you out.

    If you've been in the OTC / ACF / have service in the ranks keep your mouth shut & your head down in front of the staff, and help out the newer guys discreetly. Far better to be the good grey man than the one with extra kit, different ideas and possibly a bit of an attitude.

    Good luck

  7. Just because you used to look on enviously at the old rankers! In all seriousness, I am not jack and will never be jack. I am in fact asking if you can get away with extra 95s to take some pressure off.
    In my opinion it's no different to the "admin god" who always seems squared away and never under pressure. He got that way by employing such measures and making the most of his experience- inevitably something his peers learn.
  8. The DS did suggest cutting up any old c95s in order to have a stash of spare patches of material to repair the issued kit.
  9. **** me RMAS suggesting sewing patches on kit instead of exchanging it for brand spanky new smart shiny stuff - we must be skint
  10. On another point can anyone tell me when the practice of the CSgt "looking after" you car keys for the first 6 weeks stopped please?
  11. Well thats it sorted. I will take my 95s and suggest that I am platoon housewife for sewing on patches!
  12. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    As a general point, the Royal Marines wear 'rig', we have uniforms.

    If you do have a carload of buckshee stuff, the chances are that your CSgt or CSM will send you up to fetch it at some point, so make sure its in as good condition as the kit you're keeping in your room. The bloke in the room next to me got 5 days ROPs for having gunky mess-tins in his car and an unused set in his room.
  13. What are ROPs?
  14. I took the line of playing things straight down the line and handing all my kit in. If you get put on a show parade you should take the same punishment as those who don't have buckshees stashed away - i.e. square your kit away, and lose some free time. You'll find it more difficult to be accepted as a friend by others, who have to work a damn sight harder than you because the Army is new to them, if you do not take the same punishment as them.

    You'll be a far greater asset to your fellow cadets (and your platoon staff) in RMAS if you take an active role in passing on the benefits of your experience on the kind of things that for you might be second nature, but for someone fresh to the Army will might just be one aspect of a whole new world to them: basic military admin, and stuff which individuals may have their own difficulties with such as drill, military organisation, the realities of military life for soldiers.

    All that said, remember all the soldiers' tricks that you know when (inschallah) you are commissioned for obvious reasons. :pl:
  15. Fair one pal