Old rifle found propped against a tree.

Near where I was based in Southern Germany, in 2012 one of my US colleagues found a Mauser K-98 in similar circumstances - the tree had already enveloped the barrel!
Bet if you swept some of the army's old exercise areas you'd find all sorts !
I thought you meant the tree had eaten it.


"It probably has a great and interesting story" Ms Andler told The Washington Post.

Meanwhile 100 miles away Betty-Lou reads her grand-pappy's journal.

"January 5th. Went for a crap while drunk. Lost my ******* rifle."

This one looks like it must have been placed there.

Something about tree trunks not growing up but growing out is rattling around in my head and if I have it right then the bike should still be on the ground unless it was parked have way up a tree in the first place.
bloody hell, so that's where I left it. Bugger!


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The proverbial SMG in the bottom of a firetrench?

Reminds me of the nutjob who plays with UXO that he finds.

Int metal detecting brilliant?
Oh dear.....

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