old regimental depots and what are they now

Discussion in 'The Lamp and Sandbag II - The Tall Story Strikes B' started by davethedog, Oct 17, 2008.

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  1. the rifle depot winchester, now posh apartments with a nice water fountain in the middle of the square.
  2. Inkerman Barracks RMP Woking. Knocked down and now local authority housing.
  3. Ex Sigs Ptarmigan wing at Vimy, Catterick.

    Most expensive armoury in the Army :roll:
  4. 1&3 Trg Regts RE, Cove, Knocked down in the early 80's and turned into a housing estate I believe.
  5. Seaton Barracks,Plymouth-now an industrial estate.
  6. Stirling Castle owned by some Historic mob still there as a home head quarters.

    Fort George contains a museum for 4 Scots while 3 Scots pacify the highlands.

    Hamilton Depot for HLI was closed in 1921 when it moved to Maryhill Barracks which were demolished and made into a housing estate in 1961.(The guard room is now housing association office, there is a few services quarters still somewhere :? )

  7. The old camp wall and spiked fencing is still in place as is what looks like the guard room also a plaque on the outside wall dedicated to the HLI pass there from time to time if you want to see some pictures.
    JLR Troon nothing left apart from 2 MT hangers mostly grazed on by horses these days
  8. Several Regtl museums there too. Rifles? AGC, Hussars and The Gurkhas.
  9. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    And the LI and RGJ.
    The Keep Bodmin, the front is still there and is the DCLI Museum, Copthorne/Sir John Moore at Shrewsbury, big TA centre and some sort of Brig/div HQ. A nice Barracks actually!
    Jellalabad Bks Taunton was similar in 85 when I was there last time, I liked the look of the place!
  10. Gordon Barracks Aberdeen mostly student accom with the "Guardroom Cafe"at the main gate. TA & Cadets use the remainder of the Camp.
  11. RMPTS, Roussillon Bks, Chichester. I haven't a clue what they have done or what they intend to do with it, but I don't miss the place one f*cking iota. I hope they raize it to the ground and build a LiDL on it.
  12. Did my Corps Training with 15/19 Hussars at Deerbolt Camp in 1960,currently a Young Offenders institution - so no change there.
  13. There is a TDG depot at West Hallam Derby (was there yesterday) does anyone know who the hell if anyone it belonged too as it had that old fecked off ex MOD look about the place but the folks working there couldn't tell me a thing as they were all either POLISH or a snot nosed polyversity drop out who thought the world owed him a favour..

    Would be nice to know if anybody has a little info on the place because it would make a nice robbery site due to all the new and unregisterd Aston Martin's parked in a warehouse.
  14. Put me down for a silver Vanquish please.
  15. ther was a cople off them what type o wheels my own personal choice was the Matt Black yes thats MATT BLACK DBS, feckin gworgous, and all looked after by 2 poles in hi-viz and an old woman who could translate for them !!!!