Old Rectory Hotel, Broseley, Shropshire - Good on ya

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by foggy_balla, Aug 5, 2008.

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  1. Credit where it's due. Article in the print version of the News Letter today (norn irish morning daily) that may interest some of you. Have trawled the online version but doesn't seem to carry it so here's the gist.... A named JNCO of the R IRISH and his missus took a couple of nights break at the above named establishment during R and R from Herrick. Upon checking out the manager, Mr David Hoyle, refused to accept payment. Mr Hoyle when refusing payment is quoted by the named JNCO as saying, "No thank you. Just be safe and happy and enjoy yourself". Mr Hoyle is further quoted in the piece as saying he felt "people owed a great debt to the armed forces who made great sacrifices and that the least we can do is thank them. This was the only occasion I had to say thank you". In the unlikely event I am ever planning to visit Shropshire I know where I'll be booking myself and Mrs Foggy into. Good enough bloody reason thinks I.
  2. Hint Hint

    Top bloke!!

    I hope this gent + spouse gets an invite to the GoCs cocktail party, or better, Dinner at an anonymous country house just of a nearby motorway. :wink:

    PS: Email of support / thanks sent to info@theoldrectoryatbroseley.co.uk
  3. Just shows that the support is out there - it just doesnt get reported enough. I have noticed a lot of people are recognising and commenting on my ARRSE badge lately (Both me and my wife wear ours every day)
  4. good bloke - and it can't be a bad advert for his business can it?
  5. Can you not just accept it for what it is?
    A gesture of appreciation that was well meant.
  6. I knew someone would bite that....

    Gesture of goodwill, yes. Appreciated and obviosuly a nice thing to do. Tops marks to the guy.

    It also reflects well on his business - thats just a case of serendipity - good for him if he gets a little extra appreciative custom. The fact that it can be a good publicity tool for a business could perhaps be pointed out to other companies so that they may show some "appreciation" to HM forces.

    I'm not detracting from a nice gesture. Just pointing out its fringe effects.
  7. No sniping at all but it does reflect well on the man's business. If he behaves well and treats people like that, then all things being equal he will do good business - particularly with people like us. After all I prioritise the people I do business with roughly along the lines of:
    1st - local businesses
    2 - friends/people of similar origin
    3 - ex-servicemen
    4 - admirable businesses
    5 - if I have to then
    6 - no I've changed my mind, stuff your bread maker!

    So by showing he cares, this gentleman has attracted our good feeling and I too have popped his name into my filofax for future reference.
  8. Good man!
  9. as subbsonic placed this kind gents email! and i was having a slow morning i sent of an email to say thanks and well done to this chap!!

    here is his responce!! can any one pass on to the relavent

    your comments are greatly appreciated
    I have been trying without much success to get a response from 1 Royal Irish,
    Back in June i wrote to a Capt. Bradley offering a night`s free accommodation every week to members returning from Afghanistan, hoping to prompt other guest houses in Shropshire to support a campaign to "support our troops".our failure to get a reply from the rangers has meant that nothing has happened for over a month.
    I feel very strongly that with a bit of support we could spread this country wide.
    It goes without saying that we are all deeply indebted to our troops, and it needs the public to get off their backsides and show some real support. I believe that giving some respite to our men would be just one way of repaying that debt.
    so , if you have any influence with the 1 Royal Irish Rangers, please use it to get them to accept our offer
    great oak trees from little acorns and all that.
    if every county supported it home based troops it would be fantastic.
    Sincere thanks for your mail, but it is the troops who we should all be doing our best for.

    Best Regards
  10. A little kindness goes a long way. WELL DONE and may many more people do something the same for our troops.
  11. As we have plenty of RIR banging about the place, perhaps someone could make the Adj, aware?
  12. If the RIR are unable to partake of this gent's kind offer
    perhaps it could be extended to include current members of an Irish Walting society? ( Arrse passim)

    What say you Mrs Anne-Marie O'Sonic?
  13. What a top bloke - well done David.
  14. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Has anyone pointed him in the direction of Help Them Out? I'd email it myself but mines bouncing back at the moment, if someone else hasn't done it by tonight (BS?) I'll drop him a mail when I get home.

    Sterling effort by the man and if I ever have to stay that way it will be at his place, even if it means going a bit out of my way to do so.