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Old Radios

"Ravers Ravers I have just picked up a fault in the AE35 unit, it is going to go 100 percent failure in 48 hours"

" Thank you HAL,, we have a shelf of spares here, left over from the war, there must be something we could use, although to me it all looks like a load of old rusty junk"
Radio Hams are always on the lookout for radio parts, in particular old radio valves. Because of the nature of my business, they sometimes ask me for them. I mostly answer them "Do what the boys did in the 'Stalags' make them out of old Bean cans!'
Those butterfly caps in old radios are rare as hens teeth. You'd make a quid or two if you feel like parting them out.

Get them properly identified first though (Posting better photos here would help)
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