Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by walter_mitless, Mar 27, 2007.

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  1. Correct me if I am wrong, anybody, but there are rumors afoot, about Plymouth old NAAFI (long since a College). I hope the current incumbents will correct me, when I tell our arrse members the rumoured News. Plymouth, in its current Londonisation phase, is rebuilding.

    It seems that Plymouth, bent on suppressing its Naval, military and Elizabethan history, now wants to get shot of its old NAAFI building. Then of course, no one will ever know just how significant Plymouth Naval history, and its military identity, ever was.

    Perhaps we'll get a new "Centre of Diversity" or another "Dome".

    Anyone who remembers the old Plymouth NAAFI, just near the Plymouth Hoe, may like to know that in Summer 2007, this landmark will be struck down by those amiable chaps, the Developers. Only the few, know what's going up, instead.

    The present incumbents are looking for old memorabilia, photos, stories, recollections, etcetera, for an exhibition. Half hearted, as the present incumbents clearly are, time apparently runs out in July 2007 .

    I will inform the current occupants, if anyone shows interest. Of course, you can always call in to the College (old NAAFI) and speak to the Security Guard. There, you see? no expense spared. Viva la Clone-town-on Sea !!
  2. Where abouts is this building? I don't recall seeing it around, is it near the Citadel?
  3. I think a protest will only kick off if they try and close Jesters.

    (they did it to Jo's in Pompey :( )
  4. The old NAAFI is in the town, near the Hoe. It even looks like an old NAAFI, the colour and shape screams NAAFI, complete with Flag pole heh heh. It's long since been a College, but older guys will remember many good times there.

    Link: http://www.wartimememories.co.uk/mb/board1/3719.shtml


  5. Walt, half the city is near the hoe. Can you please be a little more specific.
  6. Notte Street - rear of the Civic Centre.

  7. Cheers 2bm, I'l get round there and take a piccy b4 it is destroyed.
  8. I have photos of Plymouth NAAFI, which, today, June 20th 2007, still stands. I have seen the pathetic "exhibition" which was supposed to have been set up, by the present incumbents.

    Pathetic. The exhibition is sidelined by the "architects" and "construction engineers" who by their own vanity, have sought to elbow the past out of the way. That's what builders, developers, and architects do though, isn't it? They destroy things, trampling over sensitivities and history.

    Anyone want a photo of the Plymouth Hoe NAAFI, give me a shout.