OLD PHOTOGRAPH. Help please.

A friend has asked if anyone can help to possibly identify which era, uniform and possible Regt is displayed by the wearer in this photo. It has been found amongst relatives effects and has obviously been sent as a postcard and it just has the words 'off to join the squadron tomorrow' written on it.

Unfortunately the cap badge is not really distinguishable, but I know there are some very good Military Historians here who might have an idea.

Thanks in advance for any help given.

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A shot in the dark.....

Wasn't the Bandolier worn by horsey types in WW1?

Looking at his cap badge, might he be a horse driver in the ASC?
Funnily enough, I have a similar photo of someone in the cavalry in WW1.
Riding crop in the left hand and what looks like a pale lanyard and spurs?
Funnily enough, I have a similar photo of someone in the cavalry in WW1.
On closer inspection, he appears to be holding a riding crop and is wearing spurs so horsey type is moot (I think).

Did the ASC have Squadrons, I'm sure that their successors the RCT did?

The cap badge does look similar to the RASC or RCT one, maybe someone has more specialised knowledge of ASC/RASC/RCT stuff.
With the bandoleer and white lanyard, I'd have assumed he was a Gunner - except for the cap badge and the fact that his tunic is a bit scruffy....

ASC badge 1901-1919. A possibility. Photo looks Edwardian studio type.

18th Hussars?

especially if he is off to join the squadron tomorrow, any idea where the bloke is from in the UK?
Bandolier is '03 equipment IIRC, issued to non-inf, particularly horsey-types, so that puts a possible start-date on the photo.

Depends on the light and the facing of the cap badge, on the 18th, you can clearly see the laurels on the base of the badge.

Also the mention of Sqn, Cavalry uniform etc, would be nice to know where the man in the original photo was from, any idea Monty?

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