Old people with dementia have a duty to die

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Whiskybreath, Sep 19, 2008.

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  1. .... and should be pushed towards death, says Baroness Warnock.


    She's got a point, you know. Take my missus, for instance. OK, not all that old, but twisted and frequently downright rude when I ask her to get a tinnie from the fridge. That counts as dementia to me. I've got a twelve-bore somewhere round here...
  2. [​IMG]

    Ok bitch, you go first.
  3. Noooooooooooooooooooo........... Both the missus and my daughter work in a home for old biddies with dementia. They'd be out of work and we wouldn't be able to afford to go to Twickenham tomorrow and have a couple of quiet shandies.
  4. Yet another way to try and save money.
    Next they will invent the Carousel for anyone reaching their 40th.!
  5. Remember Logan's Run!
  6. No, but that's due to the dementia.

    (get me my coat, I can't remember which one it is)
  7. I guess you will be out looking for Sanctuary?
  8. its ok, I found it in my record collection..clicky

    On a more serious note, I believe that we should allow voluntary euthanasia. My grandmother nursed her own mother through years of dementia. Long before my great grandmother died my Gran despised her. My grandmothers greatest fear was to end up the same way and to be a burden on others. She was almost delighted when the Doctor told her that she had suffered from a very serious heart attack and another one was likely to happen soon.
    She even went as far as making us promise under no circumstances were we to attempt resus on her. That was the closest she could get to actual suicide/euthanasia.
    I do not agree with it being encouraged too much though. legalised yes, but to 'push people towards it', no
  9. I do believe in the option of euthanasia for terminally ill people, but it has to be their choice. It isnt for anyone else to decide.
    As for that wizzen old bitch what she suggests is bordering on wholesale murder.
  10. Looking at her, i think it wont be that long.