Old people piping up

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Flashman07, May 25, 2010.

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  1. In the queue for the bus back from Lakeside last night I happened to be in front of an old lady who, when I got on board, shouted 'Ladies first!!' I turned around and said 'shut up you old cnut' but still she took it upon herself to 'tut' at me. I instantly span around and punched her on the nose with my full strength, that classic look of surprise registering on her face for a split second before she flopped to the floor. She dragged herself away from across the pavement holding her shattered nose, blood streaming from her face. I gave her a couple of hard kicks to the stomach just to empahsise the point and got on the bus back home.

    Why do Old people feel they can ''give it the big 'un'' like that? They should fcuking well stay in their nursing homes where me and milions of young people like me put them.
  2. You are Robert Da Hero and I claim my £5.
  3. My eldest daughter was walking home from school last week when she was jostled into my a woman in her sixties carring a huge shopping bag. Daughter's schoolbag and books all over the ground. When daughter remonstrated with the old bird she was told "Show some respect to your elders you gobby cunt"

    Charming! After some investigation I now have the blue rinser's address and shall shortly be paying her a midnight visit armed only with secateurs.

    Diss my bloodline and lose your lips. Simple.
  4. just clamp their urinary cather on the sly, watch them writhe
  5. You are boring.
  6. Mr Kettle you have met Mr Pot I see
  7. Mr Kettle and Mr Pot can have a taste of knuckle sandwich as well if they start piping up, alright?!
  8. A cyber fight! I've always wanted to watch one of those, go for it. Take them outside or are you all talk?
  9. There fixed that for you 5A
  10. I'll bring the popcorn and beer
  11. Are you old?
  12. I am, but your dead, Harry Flashman died in 1915
  13. Any pictures? :lol:
  14. Don`t worry about "Flashman" his addy is Londinium, so we can all assume he is one of the Brixton sisterhood.
    His opening thread sure points that way, non white with the IQ of a dead slug! Oh sorry, was it supposed to be funny? Well, so is this!!!