Old People Out, Out, Out

Discussion in 'Economics' started by exbleep, Oct 20, 2011.

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  1. Housing report: the bedroom-blockers are getting on – so should they be getting out? - Telegraph

    Over 60s 'should be exempt from stamp duty' to free up under-occupied homes | Mail Online

    So, the "Intergenerational Foundation", backed by none other than Tessa Jowell of the Labour party, wants older people to move out of their family homes to free them up for younger people.
    Ah, well. They've already targeted every other person who has contributed to the country so I suppose it was about time to switch to the elderly.
    I shall, forthwith, move out of my 3 bed semi and move into a little one bedroom flat. Then, when my kids and the grandkids want to come and stay I can honestly tell them to naff as we don't have the room. I shall also force my parents into a similar property so that it would be impossible for me to go and visit with them as well.
    Now, I wonder when Tessa Jowell, John Prescott, Peter Mandelson and many others without live-in children are going to do the same thing? And, if I am blocking up a couple of bedrooms, don't those wonderful MPs with more than one home block up even more? She has a large house in the country as well as one in London. How many bedrooms, Tessa? And, as you're separated from your husband, perhaps a one bed studio in an inner city area would be more in keeping with these views.
  2. They never will. One rule for them, another rule for us peasants.....
  3. So true. Greedy hypocritical scum the lot of them. It always seems to have been that way and I can't see it changing.
  4. A better idea would be to move those in 'social housing' who occupy a family-sized house they no longer have any real need for into smaller properties. If they bleat about it being their family home, let them pay the full market price, with no Govt subsidies, and they can stay. Those of us who have worked hard to pay our mortgages whilst simultaneoulsy subsidising council housing should be allowed to reap the rewards, not pay some sort of penance.
  5. An absolutely repulsive idea morally and low even for that twat Jowell. Have to admit though I imagine that a lot more British families are going to be following the Asian British model of several generations of the same family living in the same large house, normally with a floor to each couple not only to cut down on mortgage costs but also childcare and nursing costs with the grandparents looking after the kids and the kids and parents looking after their elders.
  6. I think,that to make it easier for the 'younger people',when anyone reaches 65,they should just trot along to their local euthenasia centre,and top themselves.

    That way they can free up all that housing for the 'poor unforunate youngsters',as well as creating a lot of jobs,and the 'icing on the cake' is the Government doesn't have to pay them a pension.

    I always knew I could have been a Labour politician! :excited:
  7. Great idea. Write in and suggest it to Tessa Jowell. She's 65 next year.
    Alternatively, ask one of the film companies to write a script for your idea. They could call it something like, oh - I don't know - how about Logan's Run? And reduce the age to 40, then we could avoid paying out Forces Pensions as well.
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  8. I loathe and detest Tessa Jowell and the rest of those so called "Labour Party" polies, so its no surprise she is suporting this grossly immoral garbage, so my message to her is, Try it on, shitlips, go ahead and just ****ing try it.

    Christ, I,d like to punch seven colours of shit out of her.
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  9. I hardly think this idea will be a vote winner for the Labour party. A soundbite too far and no demographic evidence to support this idea.
  10. Much as I despise Labour, I don't see the issue here. Single people living in houses with lots of bedrooms causes housing shortages for people with families, and one solution is to give those people an incentive to downsize. Am I missing something?
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  11. Yo dudes and dudets
    Take heart, the Jowell mong might have a country pile in Warwickshire, but her next door neighborliness are
    a bunch of Pikeys who moved in one Good Friday about 5 years. Its quite a place with about 30ish vans nice fences etc easily seen from the main road etc. So that means the garden swing has gone as well as the conservatory. Oh shit who's counting, perhaps some of the more intelligent Basildon ones will find themselves joining their cousins at this site
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  12. Steady! it is after all the current lot who have trawling Ebay looking for a large quantity of Zyclon B, spouting something about cheep gas for the elderly

  13. Yup,quite a few brain cells it would appear.:roll:

    If they had felt the need to move to a smaller property (downsize is another lazy americanism),they would have already done it.

    The fact that this has been applied to older people only,is the height of hypocrisy,and so typical of current thinking across the board,regarding the older generation.

    I live in a 3 bedroom house,just me and the wife,I couldn't afford a mortgage until I was 40,I made a few sacrifices,and paid it of early,and it's now mine,if younger people (with or without families) are finding it difficult to get on the housing ladder,tough,but don't blame older people for your misfortune,take responsibility for your own future,start saving for your deposit,sell the second BMW,holiday once a year,tell the kid to **** off when it whinges about not having the latest Iphone,it so simple!
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  14. What about a fairly elderly lady who owns a number of very large properties. Most of her kids have large places as well, as do her grandkids. Prime real estate in London, Windsor, Edinburgh and Balmoral amongst others. Are Labour going to turf her out into a 2-Up-2-Down in Finchley?
  15. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Thinking outside the box should be encouraged and ideas like this should be floated, just so long as they remain ideas. While the way this has been put is somewhat abhorrent there are spin offs along the same lines that work. My local authority currently give grants to people in council (social) housing to downsize so once the family has left home people are encouraged to move to a home that is more suitable to their new needs.

    This works well and is quite a successful scheme, but the main point is it is voluntary and will remain so. People move house for many reasons and the cry of 'I've lived here all my life' is really a spurious one. Most people want to stay in the same area and that is what usually happens.

    So as I started off, I have no issues with people floating ideas as not every idea is a 100% flyer and once identified as crap can be put to bed and forgotten - as this one will be. If only good ideas are allowed then thinking will soon dry up as people will be scared to come out with any thoughts.
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