Old People - is it right to hate them ?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by machiavelli, May 4, 2007.

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  1. An incident happened the other day with Mrs M and little Mr M that has reminded me why i hate old people.

    Little Mr M is three and just out of nappies.
    Mrs M was in town and LMM was out with her. LMM was sick (some D&V thing) and to cut a long story short pi$$ed himself. A small puddle formed on the floor of the shop.
    Mrs M was on the floor scrubbing up with the obligatory wet wipes, managing LMM and also LMM2 (who is only a month or so old).

    Cue old bag who polls up and announces in best plummy middle class accent
    "well thats a charming sight is'nt it - you young people nowadays ......"

    Mrs M murmurs apologies and continues to clean up small puddle on floor.

    Anyway told me about it and due to immensly short fuse irritated me immensly.

    As a serving member of the forces i have fought for this country for near enough 2 years on tour (served for a fair few more) and live in shit accomodation that i am over charged for - where does some old bag get off slagging my wife and son off for an accident they were trying to remedy.

    Bear in mind she was only about 65 and probably just about saw the end of the last WW.

    So to the point where do old people get off with this "you youngsters nowadays cr!p"
    Is it alright to therefore apply a broad brush and hate them and their supposed / sense of superiority ??

    PS Dont get me wrong some old people are great eg. Chelsea pensioners and real old war heroes but middle class old ladies - burn them all !!!
  2. Careful Mach. The next forty years or so will just flash by and before you know it Mach II will be griping about you changing your colostomy bag in the instant meals aisle in Tescos.
  3. 1. You'll be old one day!

    2. I reckon the title should be: People - is it right to hate them?

    And I am NOT laughing out loud!

  4. :oops: Snot-on-screen, thanks! :oops:

    And the only thing that really sends me bat-shit about old people is their old people style of driving! If you don't want to drive at over 40 m.p.h., stick to the 'A' roads, don't bloody get on the motorways! :pissedoff:
  5. Don't even stick to the A roads, stay at home or get a bus. That cute white sign with a black diagonal line through it means national speed limit.

    If there are any oldies watching that means 60MPH on a single carrigeway and 70MPh on Motorways AND DUAL CARRIGEWAYS!!! The amount of people that do 60 on a dual annoys the sh!t out of me. Same with the 'Sunday Drivers' out on a Friday afternoon when im trying to get home doing 35 on a 60 road......

  6. Bambi i agree age comes to us all,

    However when i tell young people how it was in my day i will do it with style, panache and the unshakeable faith that AFG and IZ were pretty horrid in my time

    If however i spent my life as a taxi driver whose worst time in life was cleaning sick out of the back of my cab i would'nt berate the youth of tommorow about how easy they have it.
  7. dont know what its like in your neck of the woods higround but some of the old and wrinkled down my way are doing about 30 MPH on the carriageways in a top of the range jag or similar. they must all have the same faulty bulbs in their indicators as they dont seem to work too well!!!
  8. Trouble is, they think that they are doing it with style and panache.

    Mind you, don't get me started on mobility scooters on the pavement.......my live & let live principles may just evaporate
  9. Fcuking hell, machiavelli wait until you come out the Army,you will have a heart attack in a fortnight,That old dear is just the tip of the iceberg
  10. And the inability to stop when it is your right of way around parked cars.
    Dogged determination and gripping the wheel with two hands does not make it your right of way !!!!!!

    See all of your traffic posts have reminded of more reasons i hate old people.

    Said with the luxury of another 30 years till i reach 60

    Any more reasons to hate old people are welcome come on people lets vent that anger.

    (Unless all the MOD employees have gone home because its friday afternoon)
  11. Yeah but be fair the sign doesn't say minimum speed limit now does it?

    Having paid my highwayrobbery charge then I can drive at any speed up to the limit that I want to and as my bright red Nissan Micra gets scared over 35mph then thats the speed I will be doing..... :twisted:
  12. My bold, but I do agree!!!

    One quick retort for the biddy in the shop would have been 'Yeah it's terrible, but I don't see any old folk wiping up their own p*ss!'
  13. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Your youngsters need to wind your necks in a bit! Running around in fast cars, speeding, driving dangerously, drinking too much, wearing hoodies or worse 'Combat Jackets', firing guns, p!ssing in supermarket isles . . .

    You feckers don't even know you're born!

    Now, where did I leave my coat . . .
  14. This actually happened at my part-time job...a particular old dear used to come in nearly every weekend, towing her rolling shopping cart full of bags and old sandwiches.

    She was totally senile, always dressed like she was preparing for a death march, and she absolutely reeked of p!ss. I mean, it was a palpable cloud around her. You couldn't use the elevator after she'd been on it, for a good half-hour.

    She came in one day to try on shoes, and apparently crapped herself when she got off the elevator. And apparently wasn't wearing underpants. And dropped a little trail of turds all the way down the aisle, stepping in her own cack and tracking it all the way through the department.

    And THEN went over to the shoe department and made the poor girls there help her take off her sh!t-covered shoe so she could try on other ones. (They were also forced to clean up the sh!tstreaks after she left, which is surely a H & S violation -- fcuk lifting boxes correctly!)

    So, remind me...what do you do when your ancient, senile dog starts staggering around and sh!tting itself? That's what someone had better do to me when I start dribbling feces in public.

  15. Hello Mach.

    I am nearly as old as the horrible condescending old bag who poked her nose in when the little'un had an accident.

    I hope I would not behave like that but offer some help.

    But I would ask you to think about this: The age of the person, in this case was not relevant; the class of the person is not relevant; the fact that you are actively serving your country is not relevant.

    The missus simply came up against a nasty intolerant person who does not know/does not care how difficult it is to handle two nippers whilst out shopping.

    You are clearly very angry about something - the tours - the c rap accommodation - and the fact that you do not feel that you are getting the rcognition you deserve from somebody who should know better.

    But there is no correlation between the two sets of circumstances - nipper has accident /old bag complains - and you serving your country. That is why I extrapolated the above quote from your post - there is actually no connection is there?

    That said, I understand your anger and frustration. I cannot offer any remedy for this - but can only remind you that it has always been thus; scant consolation I know, but I'm afraid you join a long line of under-appreciated squaddies that go back centuries.