Old nuclear bunker?

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by brettarider, May 25, 2012.

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  1. Mate's wondering what this is near Milnrow Jcn 22 of the M62 is it an old regional goverment nuclear bunker?

  2. Dont assume cold war just because it's concrete.

    It could be a gun enplacement from before the turn of the century.

    Google maps shows it's a water store
  3. Speaker of bunkers etc. Does anyone know anything about the one beside the York Road car park in Guildford?
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  4. 'Snot one of the RSG's. Looks like the remains of a explosives factory to me, very similar to Brackla in that there Wales.
  5. If you look on that handy feature of "google maps" the magic pictures from space show it's part of the water reservoir system.
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  6. Theres similar stuff all over the place.

    Lots of different uses.

    Some look like bunkers but are nowhere near as intetesting. Some look like nothing but are more than meets the eye.
    Some are like a tin of ronseal.
  7. I already did and told him wouldnt be a bunker when in full view of M62
  8. Thanks. Dropped them a line since there is nothing listed for this location.
  9. You'd be surprised.
  10. NO it's just there to hold up the hillside from when it was built. It's the one about 2/3rds the way up windy ridge isn't it on the eastbound.
    It's all to do with the fact the 62 is built on a peat moor and kept shifting while under construction and they needed to keep it all from sliding back.
  11. Off at a tangent here, but having rode through Albania last year on part of a motorcycle trip, there is untold thousands of bunkers and pill boxes all over the place.

    When not being run off the road or disappearing down truck sized potholes, it turned into an interesting distraction to spot these things literally everywhere. A lot of the locals were trying to find a use for the nearby ones....a garden shed with 2 foot thick walls might be handy?
  12. ^ he said sh*d.