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if you go walt ,go back asap
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It's about time you face up to what you've done. Hand yourself in. But don't expect any sympathy.
Blueface - I'm sorry but you're going to have to go to Catterick and hand yourself in. After four years I'd expect that you may find yourself serving Her Majesty at MCTC in Colchester for a while but after you've done that the slate'll be clean and no more looking over your shoulder.

Was there a reason why they wouldn't accept your PVR request before?
Whats a soildger ?

Somthing to do with soil? Is it like a kind of gardener?

But seriously mate, do what they said, and if you end up in Colly then its your own fault.

First of all I am sorry that you were driven to go AWOL. Quite clearly you were not suited to the army and they were not the right form of employment for you. Unfortunately, we can't have folk going AWOL as we rely on a disciplined force that is cohesive and is not afraid when things get tough. All I can say in mitigation is that that you should consult maybe a Citizens Advice Bureau or even speak to a vicar locally and explain your situation. You need to get this cleared up and carry on with your life. There are ways of making it very easy to get out of this. Quite clearly a few individuals did not listen to you which is wrong. This may mitigate things for you. PM me if you need some pointers and advice.
i knew a bloke who had sort off done the same thing but he ran from a unit in germany, he was awol i think 3 years. He tried to hand himself in at a uk police station they said as they didnt have a warrant out for his arrest best he could do was get to the army careers office who would give him a warrant to get to SEAE arborfield (he was in reme before going awol), all he got was soldier on until his case was heard and as there wasnt a warrant out he was allowed to soldier on straight away.

I dont know about staying a civvi after this but it shouldnt be much of a drama if theres no warrant out for you.
Report it to your local police station and get ready for a bumpy ride. They will probaly come and visit you and get some details, from there they will contact your last Unit and inform them of your location.

I have had friends who have been AWOL and a number of things may happen. Colchester for a short period of time and then out, Colchester for a short period and then return to unit if you wanted that or return to unit to be discharged.

Either way you need to be an adult and take it on the chin. No one likes a dishonest person with no back bone. Once you have done this at least you will know where you stand and you wont be looking over you shoulder every five minutes.

Good luck and I hope you get what you want.

by my maths, you were 21 when you went AWOL. If you were a spotty faced teenager made to join up by your parents, I'd have more sympathy, but you weren't. You were an adult.

Sorry to say it, but everyone balls up. Be a man, hand yourself in and take it on the chin. Then you can get on with your life.

After all, you did take the Queen's shilling.
I go over the speed limit by only a few miles per hour and they find me with no problem . Four years AWOL ??? I don't think any one has bothered looking for you so perhaps that sums up what the military think of you


To Everyone who has posted so far (and MODS)

I spend half an hour talking to this guy in chat. The advice given was the same as has been said so far. Might be a good idea to ignore this guy.

If he can't accept the advice that he was given last night (well actually 3am this morning - couldn't sleep) then it is not worth anyone wasting any more time.

My advice was:

1. Go to Stockport to get rail warrant (thats where he was advised to go to by whoever he phoned up)

2. Get warrant and train to Catterick

3. Report in and face music.

4. Stint at MCTC then out.

Couldn't be simpler, sick of this oxygen thief wasting any more time.

There's a mild irony in the fact that you could've been out by now had you stayed in.
blueface said:
im not wasting anyones time im just after advice and the more i get the better !
so i would much appriciate it if people would give me advice and help

THANKS.................................. :x
There's only one bit of advice that you need, and it has been given. This will not go away unless you face up to your actions. Hand yourself in like a man, instead of eventually being caught out. Who knows when it might be. It could be years from now, but if by then you've got a wife, a house and a family, getting put in MCTC isn't going to be the best thing. Do it now and get it over with.
You could always return, apply for pilot training and learn to fly helicopters, it is a great life with lots of Adventure Training Skiing and Mountain climbing, loads of opportunity to play sport and generally enjoy life. a posting to Germany? Well there the beer is cheap the cars are cheap and the girls are - inexpensive. So my advice is go back to Catterick ask if you can do Phase 2 again and reenlist. You know you want to really!!!?
Colly is not always the answer. For my 4-penneth, I would buy a copy of the solidger magazine, find the adverts on legal help, ring a solicitor and seek free legal advice. Depending on what he / she says, then go to Catterick. Won't cost you anything for free legal advice and they may well help you more than you think.
This is a fictitious story. The MODS on here can find out who you are using IP addresses etc so i don't think you would be telling the ARRSE web you are AWOL.
no1cares said:
This is a fictitious story. The MODS on here can find out who you are using IP addresses etc so i don't think you would be telling the ARRSE web you are AWOL.
Hmmmmm yeah ..... right !! Dynamic IP addressing .... turn off my modem .... wait 30 mins ... turn on my modem .... new IP address
What ever you do mate I suggest reporting (wherever it is you decide to report) with a good brief - may be expensive (if you can afford it) but they may be able to get a bit knocked off whatever sentence they throw at you.

I don't condone what you did, I think it's b****cks, and your reasons for handing yourself in may be equally as selfish but you only have one choice if you want your life back.

Enjoy Colly!

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