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Old/New Phrase's

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Jokes' started by 0295Ward, Sep 13, 2010.

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  1. Just incase your thinking of coming out of the Army i think you should know about a few changes to the civilian language :


    1. No fucking way ..... 1. I don't think that is feasible

    2. You're fucking joking ..... 2. Really!!!

    3. No bastard told me ..... 3. I'm not aware of that project

    4. I don't have fucking time ..... 4. I will try to work late

    5. Who fucking cares? ..... 5. Are you sure that's a problem?

    6. Eat shit and die ..... 6. You don't say

    7. Eat shit and die Bastard ..... 7. You don't say sir

    8. Kiss my arse ..... 8. So you'd like me to help?

    9. He's a fucking psycho ..... 9. He's somewhat aggressive

    10. She's a ball busting Bitch ..... 10. She's somewhat aggressive

    11. You've not got a fucking clue ..... 11. You could use some more training

    12. This place is fucked ..... 12. We're not focused today

    13. What sort of fuckwit are you? ..... 13. You're new here aren't you?

    14. Fuck off shit head ..... 14. Well there you go

    15. You're a fucking wanker ..... 15. You're my boss, i respect you

    16. Blow it out your arse ..... 16. I wasn't here that day

    17. You're fucking useless ..... 17. You may not be fully trained

    18. Fuck right off ..... 18. I'll look into it and call you

    19. Fuck off dickhead ..... 19. I'll no longer need your help

    20. Tell someone who gives a fuck ..... 20. Have you run that by the boss?

    21. How did you get this fucking ..... 21. Well done
    pile of shit to work?
  2. pure awsomeness...
  3. Yer love it!