Old Name Restored - 216 (Parachute) Signal Squadron

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Yaris, Nov 29, 2006.

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  1. Yesterday after a very sucessful visit from HRH The Princess Royal, 216 was given back the short title of 216 (Parachute) Signal Squadron, cracking news.
  2. Is this the restoration of title only or does it mean reversion to a fully parachute trained role?

    If so, how will this affect those non - para trained personnel currently posted in?

  3. Get a bergan on and Start running?
  4. It should be that non-para tained types, where regular dark navy berets, not wearing parachute smocks.
    And parachute trained personnell where the coveted maroon beret and smock parachutist. As it was years ago. I don't think this is to alienate anybody, moreover to aspire to. Lads, before anybody gets all excited, i am a 'hat', and am not greasing the pole, just expressing my opinion.
  5. Surely we are all missing the bottom line here.....

    216 para sigs was re-rolled 228 sig sqn
    210 sig sqn became 216 sig sqn, part of 16 air asslt Bde

    so how do we class that as "old name restored"??

    as for comments on blue berets etc how divisary do you want to become....why not start wearing the pegasus again if you want to live in the past !!!!

    I believe 216 Sig Sqn, in its air assault role, has completed more operational tasks than its airborne ancestors if my history serves me correct. Isn't it time that we embrace our assault troops bretheren and move forward instead of grasping at the past.
  6. 216 para sigs was re-rolled 228 sig sqn
    210 sig sqn became 216 sig sqn, part of 16 air asslt Bde

    When the Sqn went to Colly half the blokes had to rerole to 228 Sig Sqn which went down like the balloon on Hankley Common on a windy day, the part that went to Colly went as 216, the blokes that stayed in Colly then came under 216 and had to wear maroon berets which went down like, well, see above!

    as for comments on blue berets etc how divisary do you want to become....why not start wearing the pegasus again if you want to live in the past !!!!

    Where did you get them gems from then? It has been known as 216 since 205 was disbanded in Aldershot in about 1992, the only thing that changed was it went from Parachute to Air Assault, and as for the Pegasus most of 16 AA want that back.
  7. If my history serves me right ......in 1999 they chose the best 23 soldiers in 216 parachute signal sqn were "posted" to 210 Sig Sqn and formed Charlie Tp.

    216 Parachute Sig Sqn in 1999 became 228 sig sqn

    210 sig sqn in sept 1999 became 216 Sig Sqn part of 16 Air Asslt

    As for the for the Bde wanting the Peggy back most members in the bde with less than 6 years service will have never served under 5 AB. Even the Regt !!
  8. I read the first post about this, it says the "short" name has been changed so that means that the "full" name of the unit is 16 Air Assault Brigade HQ and Sig Sqn (216) if I'm correct. I don't see this as a devisive thing, quite frankly I guess that most of the troops in Colchester are not really that bothered about the change. The point of the unit must be that it is in the Air Assault role which has many parts, parachuting is just a small part of it, I'm sure that the short name change is not intended to give the impression of a "Parachute only" unit.

    Personnaly I can't see a problem, nothing is going to change in the unit. The unit performed fantastically on Op HERRICK and it didn't matter if you were Para trained or not.
  9. Seems that these old chestnuts of title and regalia just never lie down.

    Being ex 216 I can tell you it was ever thus......

    Surely as others have pointed out, let's just get on with the job......
  10. I never served with 1st and 6th Airborne Division but I wore the Pegasus with pride, it's called Tradition.
  11. JD what an awesome comment, having served with the sqn i cant wait to see the day that the eagle is embraced alongside the peggy emblazened on maroon surrounded by the words 216 parachute signal squadron....but am concerned that the airborne amongst them wont want our non airborne bretheren sporting the words parachute.

    having followed the sqn in op herrick i am in agreeance in how strongly they performed in such harsh conditions as the complete package

    there are many rumbles surrounding this reversion of title...lets hope they can fight through the smoke and emerge as one without this causing too much division
  12. From my experience (massive, I know :roll: ) as a Joe at ITC i'd like to respond to this question...


    Everyone wants Peggy back, the Airborne Budgy doesn't exactly conjure up the same images of glory and history...

  13. Is that it?
    well so what?

    Am i supposed to sleep better tonight, knowing that a shiit load of money has been wasted carting royalty round for your unit to take a step backwards instead of forwards?

    I'd prefer that such money was spent on a reliable personal rife, but thats just me
  14. Copey. HRH's Visit was planned 2 years ago, it was mainly to visit 13 Tpt Regt RLC, and 216 was an aside as both units are co-located. It was good timing for both units as they have just come back from Ops. The name change just happened to coincide with the day, the decision to amend the name was made by big hitters up the food chain. So no money was wasted just for a name change. Remember that is just the short title that has changed. We had no problems with our rifles on HERRICK, they worked well, and on a daily basis for those at the front line with 3 Para, OMLT, 21 Bty and so on. And by the way, many of the boys and indeed girls who were in the thick of it were not Para trained and they did a fantastic job. I sleep better at night knowing that I work with men and women like this, and I don't care if they are Para trained or not, they do the business and that suits me just fine.
  15. oh yeah! well if you put it like that....