Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by jonesmrjonesmk2, Dec 2, 2011.

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  1. We (3UKDSR) have been asked to hand it all back in (issued on Herrick 13/14)

    Has anyone else been asked to do it or is it just usual Signals bullshit?

    They still wont take back deserts though.
  2. It's to stop you scaley ***** appearing too soldier - like.

    You hat *****.
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  3. Old deserts are no longer uniform and is all to be handed back, MTP will soon be the same. PCS is being rolled out throughout and will replace all other types of combats.
  4. I am AGC, and we've had the same message roll down to us, however they only want any unopened stuff back, less shorts.
  5. Just handed back all my deserts, MTP and some CS95. Thank **** because it was getting ridiculous in my garage.
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  6. They want all MTP shirts, jackets and trousers from us but not UBACS. We cant give back C95 due to possibility of getting posted to a unit that has not got PCS yet.

    **** knows why they wont take deserts though, Ive for two bloody MFO boxes of the stuff.
  7. Meant to say we kept UBACS, shorts and all the other MTP stuff we got issued and just handed in shirts and trousers.
  8. It is not as though they get a wonderful price for it when they sell it as government Surplus?

    MoD should open their own retail store, called Military Outfitters or similar.
  9. Yep all being burned apparently and deserts. yet another complete waste of money by the MOD
  10. Its ******* stupid. im only gonna hand in a shirt, jacket and trouser. im keeping the rest for when we play soldiers. They can bill me for the rest.

    Might rip the lot in half and claim its two sets.

    It also doesn't help that we have a Civvi who works in the clothing store.
  11. Open up clothing stores in a similar fashion as the Yanks/open 'amazon' style website on DII, increase wages by, say, £500/dependant on holdings a year (bin the mess dress payment in the process) jobs a good one. Initial issue is free, then up keep is the soldier responsibility.

    Soldier 'purchases' equipment, it is mailed to him/given to him in store and he bins/sells the old stuff. Job jobbed. Much cheaper than the current set up.

    Helmet, body armour and resi would probably be the only thing 'on flick' to worry about. With specialist equipment issued as and when (ie snow whites or pco kit). Anything 'next to skin' is given out on a one off basis, with upkeep the responsibility of the soldier/officer. Of course, if you haven't been ssued arctic gauntlets but fancy them for those night shifts on SPTA then they are available to be purchased.

    Might decrease the 'power' of the storeman/QM dept though.
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  12. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    The only problem with that is that it would unfairly impact on those who wear their kit out quicker than others. Infantrymen probably go through a lot more stuff than SPS types or Staff Officers. I do think that it should be easier to buy stuff from stores. If you want a spare smock or Arctic mitts it would be a win win for the MoD to sell them to you. You'd get them cheaper than buying them through commercial channels and the MoD would be able to buy more of them thus increasing it's bulk order discounts.
  13. Thats easily fixed then, open it and rub it across your 'nads, They wont want it then.
  14. The £500 figure could take that in to account... I wont say 'infantry', but a soldier in an office could be a 'usage 5' and a leaf and rabbit eating/live in a ditch soldier could be a 'usage 1' with levels in between.

    Using survival aids as a guide price FAD complete is £100 (not discounted) so your desk bound ACIO/non deploying Staff type could easily get by on £100 a year. Assuming a life span of 3 years for the FAD and associated bits and bobs.

    Usage 5 could be based on the assumption that 50% of combat dress would need to replaced on a quarterly basis. (SA does complete CS 95 rig of trousers, tshirt, shirt and smock for £85) so figure £700 notes.

    Nasty work bonuses could be raised to include the chances that the kit worn would need to be destroyed or wear out quicker. And with a SQMS chitty the RAO could pay out a 're-fit' payment to replace equipment destroyed or worn out through work use.

    Couple on to that, soldiers would start looking after kit, and if waist lines start expanding it wont be the MoD footing the bill for new clothes.
  15. Havn't we tried this idea with PAYD...............and look how that's turned out!

    So we will have half starved soldiers how look like a bag of sh1t because they can't "afford" to feed or clothe themselves.
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