Old Military Kit - Any Use to Cadets?

I've just been given the task (deep joy) of spending the Easter weekend clearing out what my Parents describe as "The Quartermaster's Stores" in our attic. Said stores have built up over many years with the CCF & Army.

I'm not sure what is up there, but I'm pretty sure there is a fair amount of '44, '58 & Arktis webbing & pairs of boots amongst other bits & pieces, all privately purchased.

I'd prefer it went to a good cause rather than being junked & haven't the time to mess around with Ebay. Would a local cadet Unit be likely to want this stuff or would they be likely to say, "no thanks, Grandad, that stuff went out with the Ark & besides it smells of wee"?

The kit is in South Oxfordshire & I believe there are ACF & ATC Dets in the local market town...
Thanks, Bravo_Zulu, I hadn't. After chastising puppies elsewhere I should've thought to search.

Will check if H-P-F is near enough to me to make it worth handing over the bits & bobs I have...

I'm in Yorkshire. I'd be happy to pay for any shipping costs of course.

However, if you're serving or have friends who are, parcels can be sent to my barracks through the system for free :)

We can find a use for almost anything that's serviceable - it doesn't have to be the last word in ally or even pretty.

I thank you for your time.

Let me have a look over the weekend & I'll see what I have. It's not a lot of stuff, just a set of '58, some Arktis webbing, a hippo pad & bits.

I'll PM interested parties.
I must put on record my gratitude to whoever it was that sent a big parcel of kit to my detachment from Buller Barracks. Whoever you are, you neglected to put a note inside identifying yourself.

Regardless of this, the vast majority of it will be of great use to my cadets, especially those who will be undertaking rather more advanced activities on Annual Camp.

Once again, I thank you :)
I've dug all the stuff out. I'd like to give first refusal to my local detachment, but will be back on here if they turn their noses up.

It's not very exciting stuff & no trops or '68!
That's very fair matey. I'm pleased it's going to the ACF wherever that may be :)

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