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My Mother outlaw sometimes cleans up old folks houses after they've moved into homes or..well...died and shes managed to pick up two or three sets of old WW2 medals.
nothing special (defence medal, victory medal, campain stars etc)

Now, she said I could have them which is good but I won't do fcuk all with them and I was wondering rather than sell on ebay does anyone know somewhere good I could send them were they would be looked after maybe displayed? maybe a museum? or a British Legion :?

WW2 medals don't have names or service numbers on them so I can't find out and send them to the regiments.

Like I said I rather not sell them as I don't feel I have the right.

Any help would be great cheers.
approach your local British Legion and tell them you are willing to donate as long as they frame and display them. You could always approach a local Regiment or TA centre and ask if they would do similar


BuckFelize said:
eBay. Donate the proceeds to H4H. I think the original owners would be happy with that. Don't expect big money, though every little helps!
Good Bating Thinkman.

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