Old Man's University ??


I am 23 year old, studying A level equivalents at an FE College and i plan to join the Army as an Officer.

I had originally planned to join straight after getting my 180 ucas points.

However i am on course to get a lot better than 180 ucas points having already attained ( A ) band passes on a few of my unit assesments. I know this isnt reminiscent of my final grade for the year.. but i assume if i keep going the way i am going i should definately make the 180 ucas points limit.

My query is that seeing as i am doing so well is it worthwhile going to university and then joining the army straight after... i know this has been asked a million times but seeing as im 23 just now and would be 27/28 when i finish a degree(close to the 29 age limit), is it worthwhile going to uni or just trying to get in after this years studies.

A fairly decent predicament i feel.

Any help,ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



Ignoring issues of inferred seniority for having gone to university (i.e. faster promotion), the other reason that seems to be stated lots is that it allows one to mature and gain 'life experience' (although, seeing the new flock of undergrads kicking around at the moment, some seem to be missing both of those points). Do you think that you have the equivalent people skills, maturity and experience of those leaving HE?

Another point is that I have it on good authority (from my ACA and others well placed to know) that the entry age for the teeth arms is going to be reduced sometime soon (although, last I heard, there was no definite timescale - I hope, if successful, I'm in before that!). I would expect this to certainly occur in the next three years, which could limit your choices if you joined up later.

Some food for thought from another 'older' applicant.
Just on the basic maths if you graduate at 28 then go to RMAS at say 29, Commision at 30/31 you are certainly going to be at the top end of the age band and possibly/certainly out of the bracket for certain Regiments. If this is the course you are planning on get as much OTC/TA experience under your belt and have your RCB cracked sooner than later.

Good luck are you doing the Btech route and am I right in thinking you are in year 1 of it?
Well i have a tonne of life/leadership experience, just not the 180 ucas points. I think after meeting with some universities today that i will aim to commision straight from college. thanks for the help people.

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