Old man punches kid

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by pompey, Nov 30, 2007.

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  1. Pay the boy's mother compensation? what the f.uck is that all about. The chavvy f.uckers should be made to treat the old boy to a pint. C.unts.
  2. You see, PCSO's do have a use!
  3. So all kids are now Chavs? Last I heard Halloween happens every 31 Oct. If it had been my kid I would have been paying the old boy compensation. It's not like the lad was terrorising him.

  4. If these chavvy idiots had been able to read the sign on the door, the kid wouldn't have got whacked. The judge certainly piled on the punishment, suspended sentence,fine, supervision order, community work, costs and compensation, do you suppose any little toe-rag in Plymouth would get this if the position were reversed?????
  5. Not the kid, the little bastard's Mum! Why shoudl she get compensation?
  6. Probably ruined her tracksuit crying tears of mascara when little Johnny got hit.
  7. Confused message here. Are you saying you would have paid the old boy compensation then?

    You are right about it happening every year and, every year, people are hounded at their front door. This old boy even posted a sign on his door. What more does he have to do?
  8. Dont see that the boy deserved a smack for chappin the door twice, if it was my son...the old boy woulda got some of his own medicine...
  9. I would hope you would have seen the sign and moved on to the next house?
  10. Should have punched the judge as well! :twisted: And the fat, ugly man-fat-bucket of a mother!

    Hmmm(reaches for hat made out of Jacob's Club wrappers)maybe the judge was very "fond" of children and that's why he was so outraged. I knew a few CID officers who held this view about certain judges, given the average sentance they gave kiddie-fiddlers...

    Allegedly! :twisted:
  11. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I'd call that a serious misjudgment, both by the old f@rt AND the judge, AND the parents, AND the neighbour!!!

    The old f@rt should have punched the neighbour and the parent, the neighbour and the parent should have read the fcuking sign, and the Judge should have sentenced the old f@rt to a day out at specsavers.

    As for the PSCO - well, they're all cnuts anyway. Called for backup??!?! A 61 year old f@rt? What a cnut!

    Made me laugh though. "Trick or treat mistah?"

  12. She'll more than likely just spend it on scratch cards and strong drink.
  13. Yeah and then waste the rest. :p