Old Law of armed conflict video

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by sgnsty, Aug 26, 2009.

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  1. Anybody remember the old law of armed conflict video? The one set in a faux german cold war village with squaddies and their wives as the actors putting on dodgy German accents and some bloke trying to nick a girls walkman tapedeck!? Hours of comedy value anyway..... Im trying to find a copy of it online and not having any luck, any ideas?
  2. No ideas where you'd find a copy, but that was comedy gold. Along with the video's on fire precautions and rules of engagement for stag duties. I remember there were scenes involving guys modifying rounds and also someone about to rape a female refugee. Particularly dodgy acting all round.
  3. Nah but every time the robbing of the walkman came up everyone used to look at me! :D
  4. The defence learning portal has a law of armed video to watch don't know if its the one your talking about. you will need a password to get on the site.
    easy to get one if your still serving but it seems a alot of effort to go to to watch a video, I guess it depends how funny it was .
  5. "Those bastards shot Schofield Sir"

    Would that be the one? :D
  6. Wasn't it filmed at Imber I seem to recall ?

  7. Why are you a scouser?
  8. A cracking film. But when you think about it, as we had to watch it once a year they had to make it amusing, like one of them "so bad it's good" 'B' movie classics. Or do you think they really could make a film that bad by accident?
  9. DLP currently has a 2004 version, but with a quick fast forward through the scenes I believe I spotted some SLRs & a Sterling so parts may preserve the original.
  10. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    You mean the one where the bloke gets caught modding his ammo, then says "You better have these then", handing over a full mag - comedy gold that one is.
  11. Same old jokes everytime it was played, but always amusing. :D

    The fire safety one, with an old RL in a barn is another all time classic.
  12. It certainly was
  13. Every Engineer's favourite has to be the Reserve Demolition Guard. 'It's all down to the Safety Fuze now......'

    Also liked the GPMG beaten zone one for unreformed sexism (tall, slim woman and short, not-so-slim one)

    Finally, this gem: