Old Lady Takes On Yuppie Merc Owner.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by DrStealth, Jan 13, 2006.

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  1. Is it that easy to make the airbag deploy?
  2. And the Merc's air bag inflates. Force of the lady's bag must have equated to x mph crash. Bargain. Mr Impatient Disrespectful must feel an even bigger cnut now.

    Do black cabs have airbags (other than the driver?). :twisted:
  3. Love it, may have to try that next time a car pulls out on me and beeps at me because he didn't see my bike.
  4. MD has just disintegrated in his study chair.

    He is now crawling blindly with tears in his eyes, to get a cloth to wipe the coffee off his screen and keyboard.

  5. Friends brother of mine did that in a uni car park - driver of a car parking up not looking were he is going (probably fit student females walking by) and nearly runs him over, swift kick to the bumper deploys air bag in side of the drivers head.
  6. :D :D The merc criver must feel such a knob.... :lol:
    How will he explain this to the garage. Like to be a fly on the wall there :twisted: :twisted:
  7. I'm going to try that next time....
  8. classic, wonder if it works with all types of car.
  9. Well done power to the wrinkles
  10. i have total respect for the eldery.

    I have even more now!!! :)
  11. That is priceless! Serves the arrogant cnut right!
    Well done that old dear.

  12. ever helped an old biddie with thier bags?... they are very decieving the things weigh a fookin ton!
  13. Fantastic - Good drills!!!!