Old lady charged with assault - Another result for the CPS

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Semper_Flexibilis, Oct 1, 2009.

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  1. I know it's the Wail…

    but FFS! Just who's side are the Police on?

    "Julie Reilly, prosecuting, told magistrates: 'This defendant says he was playing football in the street when there was an incident between himself and the defendant.

    'Had the defendant accepted her criminality in prodding the aggrieved in the chest there and then, this could well have been dealt with in a different way.'

  2. This is very wrong. She should have been charged with crimes against fashion:


    One adult return on the bus please.....
  3. She's German; should have made a formal complaint of Racist Abuse - both the scroat AND the excuse for coppers who arrested her.

    CPS = Cnut's Protection Service.
  4. I know...

    Problem is that if the plod get a complaint they have to act on it.

    Real arrsehole here is the magistrate. He should have thrown the case out.
  5. I'd have loved to see the boy complaining to the coppers...
    *sniff*..."An old woman poked me...*sniff*
  6. [​IMG]

    And she's been 'half inching' a trolley full of swag from the Garden Centre.
  7. You mean like they acted on the complaints of the woman who burned herself and her daughter to death after years of abuse? :roll:
  8. There will be more to this than meets the eye as even the CPS would have binned this as not being in the public interest given the cost of the court to the maximum sentence.

    I wonder what the article is leaving out.

    Did the chav child have any previous (The CPS would require him to be a believeable victim/witness?)
    Did it happen how she says it happen? Is she an old nagging twit whos fell out with neighbours one too many times?
    Have the childs parents made a complaint over the issue?

    Sorry but there is more to this than meets the eye. I know its the wail but even in the current climate I refuse to believe that these are the only details in the case. Even though the power of discretion has been pulled from the bobby and the power to charge has been handed to the CPS the ways and means act is still in use for just such cases and everyone from the bobby who took the report to the custody inspector would have been demanding this got No Further Actioned.

    What are they leaving out I wonder? :?
  9. Point taken... Should have said 'they are supposed to act on it'.
  10. Yeah, I can tell just by looking at her she's a highly-trained ex-Stasi assassin! Poor little kid was lucky to escape with his life!

    I'm surprised the Armed Response Unit did'nt attend: can't be too careful with those 71 year old cripples, you know. I mean, have you seen the damage a Zimmerframe can do when weilded in anger?!

  11. Targets?
  12. No but I have seen an angry pensioner p1ss on the floor in a post office, verbally abuse the staff and spit at the first bobby who arrived. Then demand respect and special treatment due to his age.

    Just because she can't do back flips doesn't mean she's a bundle of joy. (Not saying she isn't either mind but I am saying something is being left out)
  13. She probably admitted it when asked. This is a guaranteed result and is good for the CPS' figures so she was prosecuted. The days of an experienced bobby making the decision as to whether the prosecution was in the public interest have gone.

    Welcome to NL Britain.
  14. They probably asked her on arrival, "You Labour or Conservative?" and when she said she loved Gordon Brown, they arrested her.... :p
  15. It must have hurt though OAPs have sharp pointy bits after wearing them down over the years