Old lady beats up Robbers

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by re-stilly, Feb 8, 2011.

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  1. GO GRANNY GO! Ah she's awesome, reminds me of my own granny :)
  2. And every other bellend just stands there watching them hammer the windows until shamed by her courage into acting.
  3. Only available to view in UK, so kinda knackers things for deployed bods.
  4. This must be the 'Big society' at work then.
  5. Has she been arrested yet?
  6. Police are reviewing the video evidence
  7. Now Made I laugh, shes awesome. Give her a bloody big reward and a lifetime supply of Werthers.
  8. One of them will probably sue her because of the injuries they sustained from her handbag, and they'll get a nice cheque for £5,000 - followed by the £10,000 compensation from the council because of the dodgy pavement they tripped over during the escape.

    Oh and £1,000 from the police because their handcuffs gave him a rash.

    All in all, they should do alright out of it!

    Well done though, Granny!
  9. Stand back Superman, Iceman, Spiderman. Batman and Robin too
    Don’t wanna cause a fracas, but BA Baracas, have I got a match for you.
    She makes them look like a bunch of fairies.
    She’s got more bottle than United Dairies.
    Hang about...............Look out! For Supergran.

    Tradgically I didn't have to google that:oops:
  10. I think she'll do 5-10 years, the attack was pre-meditated, prolongued and she even caused an RTA. Take her down, the miserable, violent thug, age doesn't lesson the heinous crime she has committed.
  11. My thoughts as well.
    Only when the guy is on the floor getting belted with a handbag full of snotty used tissues, Murray mints, & pension book worth SFA does anyone else suddenly spring into action.

    Well done Super-Gran.
  12. And they were wearing helmets, the fucking puffs.
  13. Off to jail she goes as the old bill will have to bring her in on advice from the cps due to an unprovoked attack on hard working builders who had got the wrong address due to a faulty sat nav