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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by novembercharlie, Oct 30, 2006.

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  1. Here are some pics of an old jacket I have. Aha, 60 pattern combat smock you may say. But why is it dated 1957????

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  2. Probably because:

    a) it was being trialled
    b) the tailor who made it had alzheimers
  3. its american...korea..
  4. I'm pretty certain I can remember my older brother wearing that in about 63 and I got issued with it in 66.
  5. The Label says
    Size no 5
    Height 5'9 to 5'10
    Breast 39"
    Waist 39"
    S Strauss and sons
    M'CR 1957

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  6. Hopefully this picture is the right way up

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  7. They were produced from around 1955 for troop trails and testing. It is in fact based on an earlier issue c1950 used during the Korean War. The '60 Patten also had a full length zip.
  8. Since your photos are labelled '53 pattern' I presume you already know what model of jacket this is.

    So why are you asking us?
  9. I dont know for certain what it is. In fact until recently I didnt even know there was anything between the Hairy Battledress Blouse and the 60 pattern smock. But if its American as someone already suggested then its not what I thought anyway. It was in amongst a load of old 60 pattern jackets I bought and so I originally thought it might just be a later variation.
  10. It needs pressing however.
  11. It's British and Mike_2817 has told you what it is.

  12. Thanks very much for all your replies. I'm most grateful to you all and to General Melchett for his earlier correspondance. Cheers. I'm just going to get out the ironing board.
  13. PS,
    Does anyone know of any books on the subject of Combat Jackets / Smocks?
  14. Yes: 5.56mm.
  15. I had one just like it in the Marine Cadets, in 1977 I saved all my pocket money up for ages. It was a brilliant jacket, loved it.