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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Waldorfmuppet, Feb 27, 2013.

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  1. Does anyone remember a picture in one of the glossy books of lies (produced for the purposes of recruitment) of a scene in a middle eastern bazzar. In it there were a number of 'observations' such as a local with issue black boots, an ammo box beside one of the stalls etc.

    When I say remember, what I really mean is does anyone have a copy (soft copy) I could steal? Im sure it exists somewhere on the internerd but not even sure what combination to put into google!
  2. I never saw anything like that.

    However, when I went to HQNI in Lisburn in 1980 for an interview with a Corps officer (having submitted a form to transfer from the infantry) I was asked to wait in one of the offices.

    While waiting I watched two int chaps (in civvies) putting golf balls into an upturned mug at the other end of the office.

    I think it was that moment that I decided the Int Corps might be an interesting working environment...

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  3. Trying to find things for a careers fare stand, so you think a mini golf course or maybe a nice cheese board?

    What would attract you to the Corps? (or at least the reserve element of)
  4. the mess dress.
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  5. I was at the peak of my career at 14 int. Possibly my best posting
  6. Not sure how snooker table baize is supposed to act as an attractant.
  7. for those who aren't aware, this user is a long-running boring attempt to discredit an ex-soldier of that name. please ignore.
  8. Because it so convenient as it has six pockets.
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  9. Scheissfotze. That has got to be one of the most offensive usernames I've ever come across. Well done! That's definitely not a term for a Google image search.

    I was going to mention recognising the picture from the recruitment literature but seeing as how I don't have either a hard or soft copy, there isn't much point. =-(
  10. Getting golf balls into an upturned mug's bloody clever! They keep bouncing off the bottom when I try it...

  11. Why thank you!

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  12. I know the one you mean.

    There was some bloke wearing a dish-dash with his boots sticking out the bottom?

    I had a copy at one point, I will dig among the conventional porn to see if I have kept it.

    It's probably next to the FHM with Gillian Anderson in it (it was about that time).
  13. The way you mention 'conventional' porn implies you catagorise yours! Good drills. I miss 'paper porn' much trickier to take a laptop to the toilet!

    Im away to thrash myself thinking about Gillian Anderson now....
  14. [​IMG]