Old habits die hard...

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by Kit_Monkey, Nov 28, 2010.

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  1. Was polishing my work boots (for the umpteeneth time this week) and got too wandering if anybody else has an ingrained habit carried over from service days, i can understand if nobody makes bed blocks before going out in a morning.
  2. Checking pockets while muttering submarine hatches.
  3. still in, missus caught me glaring at student in tescos,
    wassup love?
    its alright and dont shout hes looking over here
    Im never taking you out again

    (me glaring and growling as missus drags me out of shop)

    Cant help it
  4. Hey - great way to get out of helping with shopping.
  5. Polishing the undersides of my shoes, checking pockets when I stand up, '5 minutes before' and the ability to scrounge three brews a minute in any weather.
  6. Still lace my shoes the same way I laced my army boots, always polish the instep of my shoes, and still, after all these years, step off on my left foot.
  7. People think I'm odd for using shoe polish on my shoes! Oh, and I get to meetings 5 minutes before, the others usually arrive 5 minutes after it's scheduled to start! Cnuts. Shaving every morning is another.

    I also find that people at work talk alot about a 'can do' attitude and teamwork but don't demonstrate these attributes.
  8. i still press my work shirts the same way i pressed my old green working dress shirts, even with the bullshit crease on the back. think we all still polish the instep of our shoes too :) and when the boss at work messes up i still mutter something about the 7 Ps.
  9. There are some very sad people on this forum.......clearly
  10. 1) Still turn shoes/boots upside down and shake them just in case any jungle nasties are in there.
    2) Only put hands in pockets to retrieve something.
    3) Can't lean against anything, it has managed to stand up on it's own this long without any help from me!
  11. Really? Even if they've been sat downstairs under the stairs overnight? Why??

    I bet you don't.
  12. Not so bad but I did pull up an air cadet (in uniform, minus beret) in tesco this morning for having hair down to his shoulders. If you're going to present the public image of the forces don't make them all think we're shite!
  13. Curtains. I can't stand to see a crooked curtain and I fold the bottom ends inwards after opening them. Drives the missus mad.
  14. "Really? Even if they've been sat downstairs under the stairs overnight? Why??

    I bet you don't."

    I bet I do! If i'm going to wear them I will shake them first upside down, old habits die hard.
  15. I always make sure have smiley socks, and polish my gloves.

    Oh, hang on, no I don't, as I'm not **** and have a life