Old, grumbling Jocks

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by msr, Mar 29, 2006.

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    I also find this a touch insulting.

    MSR - please note that the abuse on this site on the formation of RRS has come from the numpties of the politicos and charlatans with their own agendas and not from serving members of Scots Div.

    You will find that those of us that still are serving are already very much of this mind set. We realise that there is little other choice. Those from outside, however, get the press attention. I only wish that they realised the facts of life more clearly too...........
  3. Break the local links by getting rid of these regiments and you destroy your recruitment base
  4. Dont go thinking everybody involved in that farse are happy. 1 Kings and the TA Bn are being mauled. As are 1 QLR. Its going to take atleast 10 Years for the Junior NCO's of now to get out before things really settle!
  5. As I've said on another post, I agree we should be taking a posiive attitude to the new regiment. In fact I think we should be "bigging it up" like nobodies business. Lots of bells and whistles, loads of information to the media and to websites about how and why detailed descisions were made, all designed to get buy in from the Scottish public and from serving soldiers. But there seems to be no communications policy in place, and no-one taking charge of of it at RHQ.

    So here is a challenge. You are forming a new super regiment out of 6 old ones and 2 TA, each with colourful traditions. How would you sell it to the media, the public (esp in the recruiting area) and to soldiers seving in its various battalions around the globe?
  6. Personally i would instigate a local media campaign, with the aim of raising the regiment's profile in the public's mind.

    The RHQ should have a basic format for the media campaign, whilst allowing each battalion to 'personalise' the message to their local population (i.e. the 3rd Bat. Blackwatch designing their advert in the Courier and Advertiser)

    A good example has been the latest Scottish infantry adverts. They have been widespread and are not easily forgotten or ignored. Despite this, i am yet to see any form of recruitment based media for the Royal regiment of Scotland in any of my local papers, or any nationals.

    I understand that it is still early in the regiment's history (and that Home HQ are working on it), but they need to get a presence in the publics mind asap!
  7. 4 SCOTS are back from Iraq next week and they have a KAPE tour with 150 Jocks and the Pipes and Drums throughout June in the recruiting area of The Highlanders. They are linking it with our Regimental gatherings (Aberdeen for the Gordons and Inverness/Fort George for the QO HLDRS/HLDRS) and in some cases exercising the newly granted freedoms awarded to the new regiment - Aberdeen and Inverness and possibly Elgin on 24th June as well. The Military Band of the Royal Regiment of Scotland are also doing mini KAPEs appearing in Highland Games (eg Forres on 8th July if you are in the area). We have been promised further resources from 7 SCOTS and the recruiting organisation in Stirling for our gatherings in due course.

    Next week the RRT is sitting in every careers office and roaming around as well. Each office has two Jocks from that town or area and they will spend a week or so making sure they are seen with the new badges and blue hackles. The press campaign has already started in the local press (Northern Scot and P&J today) and Prince Charles made a point of mentioning the new regiment on TV when he opened the newly refurbished Gordons museum in Aberdeen today.

    So; in hand, happening as we speak and gathering pace to hopefully get lots of publicity and recruits over the next three months. This is of course what 4 SCOTS are doing, I don't know what the other battalions have planned.
  8. Not a mention of Auld Yin yet.........
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    And feck you too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8)
  10. Caberfeidh,
    Thanks for that update and good to hearthat 4 SCOTs are flying the flag, that the RRT is busy, and that a media campaign is kicking off. I'll look out for it - a search on google news at the moment shows little positive PR for the regiment other than the formation parade and a bit about refurbed Glencorse baracks in the Edinburgh evening newspaper.

    It also reveals the Royal Jocks are lining up Princess Anne to take the salute at a grand final parade along Princes St in Edinburgh with bayonets fixed, banners flying, the band and pipes and drums, and the people out on the streets to watch, prior to their shotgun marriage with the KOSB. A pity the formation of the new Scottish Regiment wasn't done with such style.
  11. "Old grumbling jocks", "numpties and charlatans"...come on lads, let's have a bit of charity here. SCOTS will nae doot be a first class organisation, as if it could possibly be any thing else when you thing of where it comes from and the raw materials poured into this melting pot. However the loss of the old single battalion and Highlanders regiments has struck hard into the hearts of many people. Understandably there is great bitterness and polarization of views. The real villains are the government who couldn't think of a better plan than scythe and axe. Let's not "project" rage onto the old campaigners or the new chatelains...let's keep focussed?
  12. jock_sinclair

    The Glencorse Barracks story is being run by the 2 SCOTS (old RHF) who coincidentally are now commanded by my old former QO HDLRS/Blue Mafia Adjutant. Thoroughly good bloke and surely the only infantry CO with an MA in Theology!


    We are trying to keep positive and help each other out. The old 51 Highland now 7 SCOTS and our local Cadets are helping us out on the KAPE and the Gathering, as are 3 MI Bn and Liverpool UOTC who are on camp in Inverness at the time. The worst thing now is for people to keep digging away - you know, like that wee wiggly tooth you get when you're little? Mum says leave it alone you wee scroat and what do you do? Keep wiggling it with your tongue when she's not looking!

    I am hopeful that given a wee push and a boost in recruiting we will all settle down and get cracking to help each other out.
  13. Jock,

    Glencorse is going to be officially re-opened by the SofS on Fri 28 Apr. He is so media conscious there will no doubt be something locally and nationally.

    An intention is to get the front page of Soldier next month for the Regiment... don't hold you breath, but it may be possible.