Old Grey Whistle Test Live: For one night only: Friday 23 Feb on BBC4

Jobson played a stormer on Air Cut, with Curved Air, which most probably secured him the Roxy gig. He was only 19 when he played on Air Cut - his playing on the track Metamorphosis is sublime.

Doesn't surprise me, his keyboard contribution to Stranded, amongst such virtuoso musicians as Mackay and Manzanera is epic. Psalm, A Song For Europe and Mother Of Pearl prove that fact. And he continued his excellence through Country Life, before leaving after Siren.
I think Eno had already left Roxy after "For Your Pleasure" was released. His replacement was Eddie Jobson, who was Keyboards fo the next album "Stranded", from which "Mother of Pearl" came from, so it must have been him.
Your'e right it was Ladytron I was thinking of, I think it was their first appearance on TOGWT, I picked up Stranded and Viva Roxy Music from a junk shop last year for a fiver they were a bit crackly but playable.
He may indeed have had a point Ted? But it's fair to say Johansen couldn't help having a fairly striking resemblence to Jagger. And he also had a similarly spasmodic stage routine while performing.

However, musically there were no similarities, as the Dolls were a glam/proto punk outfit, so Bob Harris couldn't really have objected on those grounds. Which leads me to the conclusion, that given their disruptive reputation, the Dolls may have done something to annoy him during recording at the Beeb?
I remember seeing the New York Dolls appearance Jet Boy was stuck in my head for ages.
I remember seeing the New York Dolls appearance Jet Boy was stuck in my head for ages.

I thought it was a decent performance myself, which is why i was so surprised by Bobs mock rock comment, because despite being an old hippy he was always pretty fair with his comments.

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