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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Cliffbase, Jan 12, 2012.

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  1. Hi,

    Im 42 and im looking to join the TA before the 43 year cut off.

    No previous experience so forgive me if i don't know the jargon etc!

    So daft questions if i may, but first a bit about me:

    Started as an apprentice mechanic, qualified etc and eventually made the move to management. Ended up running a number of car dealerships for about 10 years looking after around 90 staff. In 2008 things were getting very tough, and i decided that it was time for me to work for myself.

    Now i have my own business, Electrician, CCTV/Security specialist.

    I stay reasonably fit and have been a Martial Arts Instructor for the last 15 years.

    So in reality, amd i too old? it doesnt bother me that most around me would be younger.
    Having visited the Army careers centre in Cambridge today, it seems that the 36 Signal Regiment is the closest to me - would i be of any use to them?

    With my past, would it be worth me applying to start on the Officers Cadet training, or do i have ideas above my station?

    any advice, insight etc appreciated, oh and feel free to abuse the new boy!

  2. I'm afraid that with no prior service in the military of any kind, it's going to be tough to get in, even for the Territorials. That being said, if the cut-off age to apply is 43 (for NPS) it can do no harm to ask at your nearest careers office. I wouldn't hope for much though to be honest.
  3. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    So can you panel beat with your bare hands/feet, and make discreet film of it? Handy....

    Anyone who knows how to hit things hard and can name half the moving parts on a vehicle sounds like they would do well in the REME.
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  4. Enlistment as a Soldier is 17 to 42 years 364 days.

    The fact your closer to the top end gives no real disadvantage to you. You just need to get a lick on, make a decision (your decision, not theirs) and get to process under way, the recruiters will know your nearing the top end of the age bracket and will hopefully push you through the system quickly. Get started quick as there maybe things that need longer to be sorted if things come up during your application.

    Off the top of my head you just need to be attested before the top age limit, although I may be wrong.
  5. Get a shake on! A mate in my (Infantry) unit did it just before the cut off with no previous experience and has just done a a tour. Did very well for himself.
  6. Thanks for the replies, further stupid questions if i may, whats NPS, and REME?

    Going down to see the 36 Signal Regiment on Tuesday eve & see what they do.

    Thanks again.
  7. Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers. They spanner things back together as opposed to Royal Engineers who build bridges and demolish things.

    NPS - I'm assuming he means No Previous Service although I've never heard that acronym used.
  8. There's a med unit in Cambs too.

    Here's a tip.

    Steer well clear.
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  9. There's infantry and Army Air Corps in Bury too. Bury is an HQ so you'll have a wider choice of trades that might suit.
  10. Just get stuck in mate. I joined when I was 40, I had been a Junior Leader back in 1984 so I had an idea what I was heading for. The problem is not normally our age group but the age group who just spend every evening in the uni bar and turn up thinking they are still fit. Your going into this with your eyes open and know what is expected of you, crack on and enjoy it.

  11. Just go in there and hong kong phoey the lot of them until they let you in....it'll help if you turn up wearing a headband with the Japanese characters for 'Who wants some?' written on it.....in blood.
  12. Bloody 'ell, I just spotted the OLD GIT, rushed over here 'cause I thought I was needed..... oh well back to the J.D.
  13. NPS Non Permanent Staff
  14. Thanks Guys,
    well spent Tues night with them, yes i was the oldest, but i was made to feel very welcome, & think i could make a contribution. Came back with 400 forms to fill in.
    Will crack on again on Tues.....
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  15. Hi CliffBase,
    I too am 42 and have already started the process with 36 Sig Sqdn in Colchester!! Nice bunch of lads there ( and lasses) must have bumped into you?