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Discussion in 'RLC' started by will-moore, Sep 26, 2006.

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  1. Anyone know what happened to the likes of Jack johns,Des Gray,Mac Mackay,Brummy,Goosher,Johston,Lewis or any of the other 6 Sqn RCT Romeo troop lads from 85-90??
    Or Jamie Tonner,Kev Mason,Pete Bilson and all other lads from Morley troop 90 Sqn 84-85.??
    Sorry if i've missed you out.Memory and all that.
    Great to hear from anyone that knows.
    Will Moore
  2. Last time I saw Jamie Tonner he was at ARRC Sp Bn in 1998. I think he then went up north somewhere. I reckon i could find out where he is though...give me some time. :D
  3. Be great to hear from him and others. Drop me a line.


  4. Anyone know where "clean hands christie" went? and how he's getting on?
  5. e

    im sure pete bilson is with CDO or PARA
  6. How do you know Pete ? Yes he was at 63 Para when i went there.Do you know Carhill ? Got to say Pete was as mad as a mad thing can be.
    Good lad though.
  7. we were in AMF(L) together, fought as a team on the occasional sat night in Amesbury, or should i say, i started it and pete usually picked me up off the floor, hahahaha. Top lad! lost touch sadly!
  8. Do you remeber the size of his bloody hands?? Was he from Notts??I was posted to 42 AMF but bought myself just before i was due to go.out having had a full sense of humour failure.
  9. he picked me up on regular occasions, yea he had big hands hahaha
    I went home for xmas and came back same day with xmas dinner from mum, we both went down with food poisining! easy weight loss!
    He is still in, im sure of it. send a letter to MCM DIV, it will get to him sooner or later.
  10. Pete would need to read for that to work.!! Ug Ug ..What year was this then when he was at 42AMF ??
  11. Last seen in TELIC 1, shadowing his OC, who, ironically wore leather gloves the whole time
  12. yea, i went left 92 and he was still there, i was Sup coy, yes a Stacker but i enjoy the company of Drivers!
  13. Bogy Logy..Were you at 3 div ??