Old friends from Kent ACF/Kent RE

Hi, I was with 7 CTT in Kent back in 90’s worked with Sku**y, Chris Pa*l and Ric*i Any adults from Kent still in the ACF from that time? I was the Blue & Royal CoH who took the drill.
Hi there Blues_Cav.

Not many of the guys from kent are particulary computer savy and as such you wont find many of them online. I am currently a Si with the Kent RE out at Swanley.

Im sure i could put you in touch with a few people if you throw a few names at me. I joined as a cadet in 1996 so don't rememeber you but im sure many will.

Bill Morris
Hi Bill.

I am bad on names from the past but will have a think and send you a PM. How are things going in KENT RE? Getting lots of support from the cadet training team? If not let me know, the new 7CTT Warrant Officer is a friend, I will get him to get a grip.
Hi blues-cav.

Loads of us still around, pm me with your details if you are who I think, I saw you last at the Cadet Attitude launch at Horseguards and you showed some of our cadets round the stables etc
CoH how the hell are you, i done my ITC at Longmoor and you were my drill instructor, nice to see you on here!

Im very good thanks, still going strong, WO1 Ops WO now just got back from Afghan in Feb. Send me a pm so I know who this is and we can catch up.

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