Old Firm To move to English League

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by beemer007, Mar 31, 2013.

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  1. Scottish Premier League - Cameron pushing for Celtic and Rangers to move south.

    PM Cameron is apparently trying to persuade the FA and the Football League to allow Celtic and Rangers to jump straight into the Championship.The Sunday People claims that the British PM is taking a "massive interest" in the potential move south of the border for the Glasgow giants.

    Scottish Premier League - Cameron pushing for Celtic and Rangers to move south - Yahoo! Eurosport UK

    Now, loathe or hate them, will it or will it not happen? Personally if Welsh teams are entitled to play in the English then there should be no restrictions on Celtic & Rangers either but no doubt it'll spark off the odd heated debate somewhere along the lines.

    NB: I'm a Rugby fan over Wendyball before anybody asks.
  2. Is Cameron going to explain why he thinks Rangers and Celtic should be allowed to jump over several hundred English teams straight into the Championship? Especially when, to be fair to them, they're both ******* shit and don't really deserve to even be in the second tier of English football?
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  3. Which would mean either:
    a) Two extra teams relegated to make room
    b) Two less teams promoted to make room
    c) Increase league size by two

    a) Current Championship sides will not agree
    b) Current League 1 teams will not agree
    c) No one will agree


    Loosing Celtic and Rangers would virtually destroy the SFA so they aint going to be happy


    Every police force in England is going to say "We want a horde of porridgewogs descending on our hreen and wunerful land"

    Answer A1) Yes think of the overtime A2) Do we ****

    The only ones that would agree would be Ranger and Celtic

    Plus if our ginger neighbours vote to ditch lizzie and become the Democratic Republic of Jockland then it would put the SFA and possibly the FA in queer street with UEFA....
  4. If Cameron's putting pressure on the governing bodies it could put the English FA in queer street with UEFA or FIFA anyway.

    FIFA rules prohibit national governments from intervening in national FA matters. I think Greece came close to being kicked out of FIFA for it a few years back.
  5. How would both cope being unable to challenge for top honours, and what financial state would Celtic end up being in when they can not be guaranteed Champions League income at all.
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  6. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Firstly, Rangers are crap, have less than no money, and not much of a future, to be honest.

    Secondly, it means farewell to a Scotland in international competition, surely ? We don't have Galicia, or Normandy, or Sicily with their own teams, so why Scotland (and Wales of course)?

    It's a bit of "let's kick Eckie Salmond" anti-independence bluster, IMHO.
  7. It's good to see that the Country is running so well that the PM can spare the time to busy himself in such a specific sports questions.

    Here's an idea Dave, how about the FA and SFA sort it out, that's if there is anything to sort out.

    It's almost as bad as that shit with Blair and Coronation Street.
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  8. looks like someones worrying about that vote in 2014 then.
  9. Well Celtic would have to start in the Conference and win to get in the Football League.
    As for Rangers they would probably be in the Cherry Red Records Combined Counties Football League.
    So yes kill Scottish football off in one fell swoop.
  10. Out of interest, how did Cardiff and Swansea do it? Did they start at the bottom and work up?
  11. Sweaty Wendyball has been dead for years. Even a Plastic Jock like me,with no interest in the silly game, noticed that.
  12. There didn't used to be a proper Welsh league so Swansea, Cardiff, Wrexham, Merthyr Tydfll and a couple of others joined the English system the same as all the English teams did as they were founded or decided to step up and join the league system.

    I think they were given the option of transferring over to the League of Wales when it was founded in the 90s but I don't think any of them did.
  13. Seeing as Everton were recently 'stuffed' 0-3 at home by them, I'm not sure that Wigan are the best choice of team to illustrate your point ...
  14. I think that Dave is 24 hours too early with this joke. Its 1st April tomorrow.
  15. A) Not going to happen, more red top trash


    2) BBC Sport - Celtic 2-1 Barcelona

    Without the Sky cash thank you very much. Do one ;-)
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