''Old Firm'' antics

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by muhandis89, Mar 8, 2011.

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  1. It seems that the Scottish Gubment is now trying to get involved in football related sectarian violence? Why and what can they do-if anything?
  2. The answer to your question 'muhandis89' is the square root of fvck all.

    I favour Celtic. Why? I am a Welsh protestant - Church of Wales - but Celtic play in green and white hoops. These are the clours of my rugby club: Abertillery R F C.

    Rangers play in blue: Cardiff R F C and even worse: Chelsea F C.

  3. Sod all, given the budget cuts. It'd take massive, overwhelming policing not just of games but the city as a whole.

    I'd absolutely love to see Old Firm games policed with an iron hand and sectarian parades banned full stop, but that's not going to happen. "Why should I suffer for a minority, etc." will be the cry and it'll carry the day.
  4. This is exactly why we do not want either of them in the English Premier League; no matter how much money they recon it will bring to Sky Sports and the money grabbers that run the EPL. TS
  5. "They" think they can make a difference,Just look how well we've got on since they took 2 weeks to ban fur farming in Scotland .........................
  6. The police bottled it at the last OF game; both Lennon and McCoist should have been lifted for their antics after the match. A mass brawl nearly kicks off between the Rangers and Celtic benches, and at least two Strathclyde coppers are standing near them doing fcuk all.

    Lennon is now under investigation for allegedly calling a certain Ranger's player a "fcuking nigger". I won't hold my breath. Like most CivPol, Strathclyde are now little more than uniformed social workers. It's not the same force who broke the infamous razor gangs back in the 50's.

    As for Salmond, that fat cnut never saw a bandwagon he did'nt want to jump on.
  7. My bold,
    exactly. A nice wee opportunity for a photo shoot. Cops in the dressing room. Hmmm that'll work. Midweek games???? WTF, I seem to remember it was a midweek game that caused all the fuss. As for that useless **** CC House, he can **** right back to the Met. No wonder I swap the old firm games. You're a hun in the jungle end in uniform and a taig in uniform at the Copeland Rd.........cnuts all of them.
  8. As a Rangers fan I have to say that statement is a vile accuracy, and I resemble your remarks, sir!^~

    All joking aside, possibly the only way they'll get through to the oxygen thieves on both sides is to play all future Old Firm matches behind closed doors and with no TV coverage. All fans get is the result on the evening news. And even then there would probably still be trouble.:threaten:
  9. Make the bastards play their future games in Dundee...that'll ******* learn them!
  10. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    It woudln't make much difference which league they were in
    They would still play their matches n Glasgow....

    I've heard the Billy Boys sung at Premier league grounds so it does go on

    It's been happening for years and it'll go on long after Fatty Salmon is dead and buried
    There were only 34 arrests which wasn't bad out of 60,000 inside the ground

    They could have made more than that by lifting both teams and the benches
  11. Given what goes on at these events, I'd say it was a pathetic performance by the Polis. Maybe not all fans are guilty of this sort of pish but until I see them dobbing in the ***** who areen masse, physically evicting them from the grounds themselves and withdrawing their money from the clubs in protest at sectarian behaviour, I'll continue to consider them complicit in it.
  12. Ergo the problem with the pathetic performance, if we were to arrest en masse there would be riots in the street. The problem is fans seem to think that the behaviour displayed is acceptable for 90 mins. Thats why there is no withdrawal of money from their beloved Selic or Teddy bears or physically evicting them. Can you imagine the uproar(imagine the uproar on here from the usual polis are ******* useless brigade) if the amount of fans we could jail at games were actually jailed?
  13. I can indeed, which is why I tar the entire crowd with the same shit-dipped brush. Until they grow up enough to behave in a civilised manner and insist on their ilk doing the same, daddy needs to spank whenever they get out of line.

    Unfortunately, that sort of campaign is about as likely as the Pope attending Lodge-meetings.
  14. As I understand it, the problem isn't so much what happens in the ground, it's what happens outside the ground after the match. The clubs are only liable for paying for policing within the ground during the match, it's the social disorder afterwards that concerns the police (i.e. a massive increase in domestic violence, murders and assaults on poor sods who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, etc).
  15. Why not just have the games played behind locked doors? With no TV coverage and no fans allowed in the ground until the clubs actually do something?

    Hit them in the wallet and it might have some effect?