Old films you would like to be re-released or remade ?


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Yes please!


As much as many,me included,think of "A bridge too far" being a cult film, I'd like to see it remade "Saving Private Ryan" style to make it less "Hollywood".


Reissues or remakes. Difficult to achieve the same production and reaction to original masters I'd think. Compare "Pearl Harbour" to "Tora Tora". The Italian Job 2003 perhaps fell short of the 1969 classic.

The Ladykillers ( Sir Alec Guinness) compared to Tom Hanks' version ? judge for yourselves. How do you replicate Guinness and Sellers, Cecil Parker, Herbert Lom, Danny Green, Jack Warner and Katie Johnson.

Would like to see The Wall - Live in Berlin July 1990 in the Shops again.

"Shot on Potsdamer Platz, the no man's land between East and West Germany, the producers didn't know if the area would be filled with mines - no one did. Before setting up, they did a sweep of the area and found a cache of munitions and a previously unknown SS Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler bunker. The Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler started as Hitler's elite personal bodyguard but were later diverted to Eastern and Western fronts. There is a misconception probably due to the SS division's name that the bunker found was the Führerbunker or the place were Adolf Hitler committed suicide which is false. The Führerbunker was in another location." Wiki

The Scorpions Live in Berlin Dec 5 - 6, 1990
Now these may not be classed as especially old to some, But if someone could do a good job remaking them.......

The Thing....John Carpenter 1982?

El Cid .........Charlten Heston 1960s ?

The Longest Day......without Tom Hanks with a bit of luck.
Be careful what you ask for........

The remake of "The Wicker Man" was the most appaling pile of crap I have ever seen. :twisted:
Not meaning to depress anyone, but the rather disturbing but classic film Straw Dogs is actually being reproduced now.....

With an all American cast

Set in deepest Alabama

So,glad to see they are not messing with the story at all then.
Talking about American remakes and such,reminded me about an awesome film.

Group of soldiers on exercise manage to insult some local trappers......and then its a free for all as the trappers hunt them down one by one.

Southern Comfort....what a film.


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John Carpenter's The Thing is virtually the only exception to the rule that remakes=never as good as the original.

and as for where Hollywood are concerned? ffs. which version of 'get carter' is the better? 'the fog'? 'the wicker man'? the sooner people stop going to see shite like this at the pictures, they might get a clue and come up with some original ideas for a change.
Two films, one post, deliverance, burt reynolds, with the pig scene more graphic, and the our favourite.............. wait for it................

firestarter said:
Be careful what you ask for........

The remake of "The Wicker Man" was the most appaling pile of crap I have ever seen. :twisted:
Your characterization of the remake of "Wicker Man" is much kinder that anything I would say. The original is wonderful but here in the US you cannot get the uncut version on DVD. The UK versions will not play here.

I wish that they would re-release "Harry's Game" in a version viewable in the US. I loved the book but cannot get a DVD here to watch it.

Most remakes do not measure up to the original. I don't think I could watch "Longest Day" in remake form. It is such a classic in the original. I loved "The Americanization of Emily" and cannot imagine anyone other than Dame Julie Andrews starring in it.

I was only a kid when "Dambusters" came out and probably will see the remake. I wonder what name they will use for the dog.
I understand that in the Dambusters film, the dog will be called "nig", which I have read was an abbreviation of his name used by Guy Gibson.

Not sure how they will get around the codeword though, which was given in full...

Although I have my doubts about remaking classics, I'd like to see a gritty, realistic film about the British Army experience in NW Europe in 1944/45 - apart from the Battle of Arnhem surprisingly few films were made on this theme. In fact, the only one I can recall was an old b/w called "They were not Divided" made about 1946. Either "18 Platoon" or "With the Jocks" would make a great film....
Bollock-chops said:
If you see God, Tell Him, comedy with Richard Briers, never to be shown again by the BBC? I dont know why.
Because any Richard Briers comedy is as funny as a tumour

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