Old Fields of Battle

Do any of the present day Sappers visit the old battle Fields in Normandy, Belgium and Holland? Caen Tilly Pegasus. Overloon Nijmegan?
I think they all do Ypres and Menin gate while in basic
While on the subject I am going to Normandy on the 26th if anyone wants any photos I will see what I can do.
I visited the Bayeux Cemetery earlier this year. Had a brief wander along one of the beaches too. Never been with the mob though. Was a moving experience to say the least.
We did Normandy, Assault on Le Havre (Armd Engr assault), Lorraine(Patton), and Guderian crossing the Meuse including the Maginot Line (1940) and opposed river crossing on the Seine at Vernon (following the footsteps of a Mr Jarre-who was with us) in various units i was in...including a memorial service/dedication of a new memorial at Lyon-Sur-Mer. Some of the really interesting times! :wink:
105 AVRE.
We were at Vernon from the 6th of September 1944 till the tenth. Brushing up on assault crossings, bridging, Etc. Ready for the drive up through the Netherlands. We also had reinforcements with us.

Just previous to our mad dash across France, Belgium, into Holland...On the market garden offensive. That started on the 10th September with the Recce plotting the move. Brussels here we come ! via Gisors -Arras-Brussels throughout the day and night. Continuous . except for short stops. German helmet to Pee in!

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