Old Favourites from the Cookhouse

Discussion in 'The Lamp and Sandbag II - The Tall Story Strikes B' started by Obadiah_Octavius, Mar 6, 2010.

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  1. Mrs Octavius called out what would I like for tea. I had a nostalgic flash back and she is now doing beans on toast with grated cheese on top - known in the ACC days as "cheese beanos".

    What was your favourite?
  2. All in stew :D Lovely jubbly!!!
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  3. 'Babies Heads' - especially those ones that had been found at the back of the deployment store and were someway past their use-by date.

    Why? Well, transferred rust from the bottom of the can lent the offerings a unique taste plus the Head of Ladles and Big Spoons used to to let you have as many as you could scoop, just so that he could get shot of them.
  4. Scotch eggs, under a mountain of beans mmmmmmmmm
  5. Knew a chef over in Province who mixed up the pudding rice and the curry rice. Made curry night interesting. That was the same Taff who take 25 minutes making me a basturd omlette!
  6. oh yeah, i'm with babies heads
  7. Bacon banjos with brown sauce just dont taste the same in the comfort of your own home, but in the GCH they were manner from heaven
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  8. What about Egg Beanos, a slice of toast with mashed potato piped round the outside edge of the toast, beans filling the middle and a fried egg on top :D
  9. I am not sure If it is nostalgia or I am losing my marbles a bit, But I did buy a can of Bacon Grill the other day and fried it up in a bacon grill/egg banjo combo.....tasted bloody great.
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  10. It didn't, did it.
  11. Nasi goreng use up what you have left - love it
  12. Compo steak & kidney pudding with chips and tomato sauce and a German bird to shag afterwards. Pure heaven!
  13. And here was me thinking that the operative word was "COOKHOUSE", not "What bit of Compo did I like?" I admit certain bits of Compo ended up in the Cookhouse, but FFS there was a lot more.
  14. I loved the compo bacon burgers. No one thing from the cookhouse springs to mind as being particularly memorable, although the early morning breakfasts at DKMH restaurant were to die for. Which reminds me, the omelettes at QEMH made to order were also pretty scrummy...
  15. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    I some times get MRS T_B_S to recreate the joy of the cookhouse breakfast for me
    She gets up early and starts cooking

    By the time I arrive she's got everything staying warm and drying out nicely under some light bulbs as she gazes on proudly with a landing pad on her head and two pillows up her front for the authentic RLC look
    If I ask for a plate and a knife and fork she looks at me as if I'm a retard andf asks if I'm some sort of crab poof
    If I try for more than one sausage and bacon she screams "one of each cunt"
    I am allowed as many beans as I wish
    I can also fry an egg on the hotplate and slightly warm up and slightly tan some bread and call it toast
    I get Orange that is eather so weak I can't taste it or so strong it's the legandary screech

    She brings out special cookhouse condiments
    Bread Stale which she proudly tells me "as bin made by ahr own bakers"
    Buter frozen so solid it rips Bread Army stale to shreds
    Ketchup and Brown sauce in proper bottles but the contents have been replaced by a cheaper version

    After brekkie she's throws the extra sausage and bacon away "as rules is rules"

    The dog gets three off each and a pint of milk as he's on the strength
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