Old fart, what?! - The predictable question...

Discussion in 'Officers' started by fwash_man, Nov 23, 2011.

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  1. Good Afternoon gentlemen,

    I've recently passed AOSB and am furiously attempting to whore myself out on Regimental visits prior to attending Sandhurst in May. I've been informed by a number of sources that my advanced age qualification might prevent many regiments in the Infantry or Armoured Corps from offering me a visit let alone an opportunity to commission into their ranks. Should I be fortunate enough to benefit from an oversight of my age and be offered a visit, no doubt the old fart question will come up as it did at AOSB, so my question is thus:

    Why would a candidate a couple of years younger than myself be more suited for a commission into the Infantry or Armoured Corps? Is it fitness, future career prospects or just a longer period of service before the inevitable mid-life crisis arrives? Hopefully, by better understanding why they prefer the younger candidate, I will be in a position to counter this point of view.

    I was of the impression that because I have passed AOSB before the crucial 1st of May 2012 deadline that I would still be eligible for a role in an Infantry or Armoured regiment but this appears not to be the case. With this in mind, would anybody have any recommendations as to other job roles which are closer to the combat side of life as opposed to the combat services support?

    Many thanks and much love.
  2. It's a mans life in the womens auxillary balloon corps.
  3. Its a buyers' market
  4. Do you actually want to join the Infantry or the RAC? Or is it the perversion of your age and the thought that they might not have you, that forces you to become angry?

    As an officer and leader of men, you'd have to be ahead of them in the fitness game in the infantry, a few years in a platoon could put you at an age of 10 or more years older than most of your Privates. The day they hammer you on a CFT / BFT or see you struggling is they day your respect goes out of the window.

    I stick to a corp arm as you probably wanted to join in the first place.
  5. Join the Royal Signals, spend the rest of your career avoiding PT with shite excuses
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  6. This has been covered numerous times before. On Fam visits and the like Regiments and Corps will sell themselves as an elite who only take the top third of the commissioning course. They will express concern about your age and you will flap about advice given on here. During my run up to Sandhurst 3x infantry regiments (SCOTS, RIFLES, R ANGLIAN) the AAC, the Gunners, and the Sappers all claimed that they selected solely from the top third and that my age would count against me.

    When you get to Sandhurst you will realise what rubbish this is and you tend to be judged on your merits. I took RSB with one infantry regiment, and one CS regiment and was offered a commission by both.

    In short if you perform poorly then your age will only make you less appealing, if you perform well it should not matter. I know of several peers who have joined infantry regiments despite commissioning at near 29 and one of them has recently done the Recce Commanders course in Warminster so cannot be badly thought of.

    As an aside and slightly irrelevant to the subject of combat arms, the Gunners told me during an interview during a FAM visit that they would not consider me for sponsorship or for a commission at Sandhurst due to my age. Given that it was them that I ended up joining this shows the amount of crap that is talked during the recruiting process.
  7. Thanks very much for the advice gents, it is very much appreciated.

    donkey man - Not at all angry. Originally I wanted to join the Infantry and when I began the process the age limit was still 29 so should the age changes adversely affect me, it would feel as though the goal posts have been moved slightly, though from what others have said it would appear that RMAS is still a meritocracy. Possibly concerning as I am useless... That said, I will possibly have to be more open minded about other areas of the Army though, unfortunately, the Womans Auxillary Balloon Corps refused me a visit as they only take the most dashingly handsome moustachioed specimens which, I'm afraid to admit, isn't me.
  8. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    How old are you exactly?

    If you are over 30 - frankly if you are over 25 you will not be able to keep up with teenagers, you simply will take too long to recover and be more prone to injury and less able to take the shit that gets thrown at you as deployed infantry.

    I started my illustrious military career at 17 - by the time I was 27 I was done with the infantry. You just have no concept of how hard it is till you experience it.
  9. Whatever mate, I commissioned into the infantry at 27, won the binos at Brecon and still don't have any problems 'keeping up with the teenagers' 3 years later.
  10. fwash, just go to Sandhurst and see how you go. I promise you if your good and a good lad, the infantry will be fighting over you.
  11. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    You obviously missed out the "deployed" bit you supersoldier you.
  12. Bollocks.
  13. Nonsense. You don't have to be superman.
  14. 6 months in Sangin was **** all after all...
  15. H11 was an easy tour, though...