Old Detmold Town

Gents I found this photo on another site a few years ago and forgot about it.
I recently printed a copy and showed it to a German friend, telling him the 'name'. He was 16 in 1945 and he says I can't be right, it would never be permitted in Post WW II Germany.
If you KNOW or are familiar with the Street name would you please comment.
I will return with what I am 99.9 recuring sure is the correct answer.

Nuaghty boy Clod, the Old Graben Keller closed in mid 70s before your day.
This photo is pre war.
I am now 100 % sure on the street name and IF my old collection of slides still exsis at my brothers home I have a 80's shot of the street complete with name.
Can't quite place the site where I found this shot, I have one other from same original source, Detmold Stat Archives but it will not replecate on Imageshack.
Adolph Hitler Strasser, Think most will have worked that out, it was still of that name mid 80s. The photo would be late 30's which makess me wonder just what the Stadt though of Herr Hitler having the place in such a disgusting condition.
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