Old dear off to Kenya - Advice please!

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by DPM, Apr 10, 2007.

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  1. DPM

    DPM Old-Salt

    My old dear, having worked for SSAFA for about a decade, has been convinced to have a crack at Mt Kenya with two other SSAFA fund raisers in Feb next year. Despite having done the walk myself a few years back, and always up for a day in the hills, I am seriously lapsed with regards to kit advice.

    I know that the company that they do it with will give them all of the information that they need, but any guidance on the following would be really appreciated:

    - What trg should the old bag do? She's not that fit, but lives by the coast so for now I've recommended enjoying the Cornish coastal paths whenever she has the chance!

    - What kit should she aim to beg/borrow/steal? With the state of her knees, I'm guessing some walking poles (stick/zimma ;) ) will be useful.

    - Does anyone know/have contacts that might be able to help with a loan of the kit required? There will be 3 from SSAFA and, having worked her way up to being a Regional Coordinator, I'd say that she has definately been responsible for raising at least a few £100,000 quid over the years, probably a lot more.

    Clearly, she's doing this for SSAFA too.

    Any help would be great.

  2. The night before her climb, she should go to the Carnivore restaurant in Nairobi and have seconds and thirds of their spicy impala stew, washed down with export Guinness.


    The resulting flatulence should generate sufficient static thrust to get her up the first few thousand feet with minimal effort - and a decent pocketful of biltong will suffice for the rest.
  3. I will put you in touch with a mountain guide in Kenya if you want. He will give you all the advice you need..

    No its not a Wah!!!
  4. Old dear off to Kenya? My advice is book a room at one of the Heathrow hotels and then get some whores, some room service and some drink...I'm surprised you couldn't work that one out for yourself!
  5. DPM

    DPM Old-Salt

    I didn't realise you'd met her :)

  6. I'm a veteran of a few Kenya tours and have climbed Mt Kenya twice. At the time I thought I was fit - I was wrong! By the time we sumitted I was hanging out my hoop and suffering from altitude sickness.

    On a brighter note though, it is achievable, even for civvies who are lacking in the fitness stakes. The climb isn't done in a one'er. It's stretched over two days.
    First day is a gentle "stroll" through jungle/forest with the incline being similar to tabbing up Snowdon for example. You do an overnighter at McKinleys lodge - on a large flattish plateau - at an altitude of around 10000ft.
    Next morning at about 0300 you leave in darkness for the summit. It's cold with snow on the ground and the altitude makes it hard to catch breath - combined with altitude sickness it can be pretty miserable.
    Sunrise on the summit at 17000 makes up for this - it really is the dogs knackers.
    Quick stroll back down and get lagered up on crates of Tusker and Mohammed Ali whiskey - beautiful!!
  7. DPM

    DPM Old-Salt

    I think that they will be setting a slightly more leisurely pace - 8 days on the hill in all, portered and all that. It might not appeal to us hardened fork (grrrrrrh...), but it's a fair cop her the three of them I think.

    Any advice from the PT/AT wallahs, esp on kit (issue?) would be great.

  8. Weather at base and up to McKinleys is warm, so lightweight clothing and sturdy boots order of the day. Summit is gibbering and nights are cold so a decent doss bag is needed.