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Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by KleenUpGuy, May 14, 2011.

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  1. As a cadet we do use a lot of desert DPM kit. If you have any spare please do PM me or reply here if you wish. Of course we do use temperate DPM more but i am led to believe there is a lot of spare DDPM kit that I'd not in demand so is hard to sell/surplus.
  2. You will be soon getting it on issue as the temperate DPM stocks decline, and we wait for MTP to be issued late 2012.

    No doubt we will see ACF cadets and adults on parade wearing all 3 patterns. An MTP shirt, Desert DPM trousers and a temperate DPM rank slide.

    CdtQM fail!
  3. Was wondering the same thing.

    Must be the Walton-on-Sands detatchment
  4. When playing enemy we use it, some people also get ddpm cheap then spray it, when wearing it it's very surprising where in the uk it is more suitable than temperate as temperate is actually a very dark camouflage (not an expert but I think the added shadows cause this so you get twice the shadows than the area around you? Free to be corrected)
  5. Probably selling it on Ebay.
  6. X59

    X59 LE

    You use it when playing. End of.
  7. What? (10 letters)
  8. I was told or read that the black marks on temperate DPM is (simulated?) shadow. Then of course you get the actual shadow from the objects around so so surely you have twice the shadow. Hence temperate Dpm things look very dark?
  9. If your stood in the middle of a crown green bowling lawn, then yes you would look a tad out of place.
    If you apply field craft properly, keeping in mind all the ******* S's, then its effective for where its designed.
  10. Agreed, but i just ment the majority of places it seems to be too dark for and a ighter camo would be more appropiate, despite applying local cam etc. but as said before i'm not an expert and these are only personal conclusions and ready to be amended/corected if needed
  11. From what I have heard, dessy DPM works better in the desert than in woods and forests.
  12. Kids, eh?

  13. Wait until it gets dark, then you'll understand.
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  14. I used to go to school with kids. I hated the *****. Bloody druggys and fuckwits!
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  15. For one brief period of time until the appropriate stores were acquired, I wore DPM trousers, shirt OD, with MTP rank slides. In fact, when DPM rank slides did turn up, I only got one for my right shoulder.