Old Dalby

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by rudi, Jan 16, 2012.

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  1. Anyone lived in old dalby ? Just been allocated a house in princes street there , don't know how many bedrooms ect or what the area is like
  2. Can't find anything about it
  3. Old Dalby was one of the PADS areas for Comms & Sy Gp many years ago...reasonable enough place but not sure what the quarters will be like nowadays. Back then they looked like yer archetypal white painted council houses.

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  4. its been a few years but as i remember them they were ok, at the time i was at Melton Mowbray and Old Dalby was one of our dog training venues, just hope you can drive as its a few miles from anywhere.
  5. Old Dalby is a gorgeous picturesque little village with a nice pub "the crown in" award winning food, church, school and post office that runs from the village hall, cricket club. Beautiful place to live if you like the quiet life.
  6. However it is now full of pikeys, Poles, and general riffraff. Enjoy.

  7. High class residents then. Excellent.
  8. However as your not "local" you will be treated like scum!You can tell im looking forward to the move!
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  9. No that's Melton, Old Dalby is still a nice English village, outsiders are not made most welcome. IF you want real riffraff of every etenticity then visit Leicester, we classs people from Melton as posh.
  10. Hope it hasn't gone downhill. My last posting was up that way & The Crown was always a pit stop when out walking.
  11. overopensights

    overopensights LE Book Reviewer

    From Punch Mag some years ago:

    Ist local "Who's the fella on horseback Bert?" 2nd Local. " A fella from the next village oi fink?" pause... " Heave half a brick at 'im Alf!"

    Nothing changes
  12. no still well worth a visit.
  13. Mrs Dalby, or Old Dalby as she was locally referred, was a big girl from what I recall with a bucket cnut in which she entertained a number of the adolescents in the village as some form of coming of age ceremony. Suggesting it is big enough to live in is a little unfair though...
  14. A flying visit though sarah, as in flying a big bomber aircraft and just empty the payload on it!Sorry about the negatives but it really is a backward "Eeeees not looooccaaalllllllllll!!!!!" type of place.Village pubs go quite balls on the pool table stop rolling and darts stop mid air when a non local enters.The rich townies who now believe they are country folk as they have "all the gear and no idea" also look down at you.Melton is full of charity shops and crap cafes. Leicester and Nottinghams ok for shopping etc but even the wife (who is local) cant stand the place half the time but unless all her family die overnight we are destined to live there!