Major Richard Perkins served in the 2nd Battalion of the Leicestershire Regiment during and after the Second World War, and was a Chindit. He was medically discharged in 1959. He is now 91. Since 1959 tax was (incorrectly) deducted from his pension by the MOD. After a long battle over this, Major Perkins took his case to a Pension Appeal Tribunal which ruled that his disability was attributable to his military service and that the pension should therefore have been tax-free. The MOD has now refunded his back-tax, but has not recompensed him as promised by the then Minister of State Doug Henderson before Parliament on 8th June 1999 - compound interest on the money which they withheld and which he should have been able to spend all those years, coming to some £86,000 plus. The relevant extract from Hansard is below:
( Extracted directly from Hansard web-site, under Written Answers) : Pensions (Taxation)
8 Jun 1999 : Column: 213

Mr. Doug Henderson: The MOD is working closely with the Inland Revenue on the repayment of tax for the 179 Army pensioners identified as having had tax incorrectly deducted from their invalidity pension. The affected pensioners will all receive a full refund of the tax wrongly paid since their discharge, together with a repayment supplement reflecting the interest which might have been accrued on the amount of tax wrongly paid.
His case has been supported by his MP, John Greenway, but no progress has been made. Having earlier been persuaded to wait developments, Major Perkins is now taking his protest to Parliament (Old Palace Yard) on 17 December 2008, from 1030 hrs to noon. He has authorisation to do this from the City of Westminster and the Metropolitan Police. He will be supported by the Chairman of the Royal Tigers' Association and it is hoped that others will also support him.
Anybody is welcome to email or phone Major Richard Perkins ( 01751 417769) and refer to his website which includes the BBC's film broadcast on the 18th of May. Website www.mod-pensioninjustice.co.uk .
I would be grateful if you could please circulate this , and ask anyone who is so minded to join Richard Perkins in Old Palace Yard on 17 December.
Ffs. My outrage wagon is revving.

9 years later and he still hasn't got his money?????????????????

I know there are tabloid journos reading here for juicy bits. This makes a good story for them - hint earn your lurking rights.
Outstanding said:
... coming to some £86,000 plus...
Equivalent to an MP's paperclip budget... In the perverted masochistic sad little mind of Sir Humphrey, pinching pennies from old soldiers must give particular pleasure. :x
This grand gentleman's action has been, and I quote: '.....authorised by the police.....'.

How can a stand of principle by an individual against a disgraced and disreputable government be made subject to police authorisation?

I am surprised that the wholly politicised and politically correct, left leaning 'Metropolitan Police Farce' have 'sanctioned' this in any case. Having lost the appallingly awful Bliar. I, are they now so rudderless that they did not understand this gentleman has a complaint against 'Stalin' Brown and his Marxist gang?

Actually, having two long chats with two policemen in London yesterday, I believe that they possibly are so 'rudderless'. Two very unhappy PCs.


One of Wingate's mob and treated like this. Thanks Gov. This particular story should prick the consciences of those going past the memorial at Victoria Embankment, London, but will it?
Quite a lot about the "Tigers" on the web, and they have or at least had, their own Chapel in Leicester Cathedral.

Linkie: http://www.green-tiger.co.uk/id19.html

Wilfrid Owen and Maj Pat Reid are said to have been "Tigers".

Leicester Newarke Houses Museum, incorporating the Museum of the Royal Leicestershire Regiment, re-opened on Saturday June 23 2007 after a £1.5mrefurbishment.

Head of Leicester City museums service said: "The Regimental Museum, together with the Regimental Chapel in Leicester Cathedral and Royal Tigers’ Wood in North West Leicestershire, will form lasting and visible testimonies to the county's famous Regiment. These testimonies will serve as reminders to future generations of the glorious part the Regiment has played in the life and history of the city, county and nation".
Source:Sarah Levitt, head of Leicester City museums



Isnt this just typical treatment by the M.O.D and government, the way veterans of conflict are treated is discracefull, every veteran in this country should invade the M.O.D, and sort all these issues out , once and for all.

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