Old Cap badges

Discussion in 'ACF' started by Rfn_Warrior, Mar 21, 2007.

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  1. Do you think it would be ok to wear a anodised RGJ cap badge if you were in them when you first joined? I'm in the Rifles Cadets and still have all my RGJ uniform (Stable belt, RGJ Number 2's, Peaked hat, buttons, cap badge, Rank Slides, epaulette slides). I dont wear any of that but the anodised cap badge when out in the field. I'm currently looking to buy another Rifles cap badge to spray or buy an anodised one as Rgjdirect.com dont yet have them up for sale.
  2. Iwould say no. One of our instructors was ex reg and when his old regiment merged he had to take on the new uniform items. There is no reason for wearing old cap badges, and if you are seen by the wrong people, it could land you in a monkey bath. If you are only wanting something for wear in the field, why not a jungle hat or such like?
  3. Ive heard of Cadets wearing Hampshire Regiment Cap-Badges for gods sake! Don't worry about it, if the Regs and TA havn't got the kit yet, not all the cadet units will. That won't kick in for a while.
  4. I have a crap hat, i'm a Lance Jack fgs! xD I even have a Kevlar, just that i like to wear my beret in the field, it makes me field proud if you catch my drift. My DC wears his anodised RGJ cap badge. I'm waiting for the Rifles Cap Badges to come out so i can buy another and spray it black. I have already been issued my Rifles cap badge, but i can't seem to find any more anywhere.
  5. Praetorian: Ive heard of Cadets wearing Hampshire Regiment Cap-Badges for gods sake!

    The only unit I know of that wear the Royal Hampshire cap badge is the Hants & Isle of Wight County Band. I believe (don't quote me on this) they received special permission to enable them to continue wearing the cap badge of a unit no longer in service.
  6. I your DC wears his RGJ cap badge, why not just ask him for permission?
  7. Well, i've worn it a few times, and he hasn't said anything. But the main aim of the topic was to get your views about wearing old cap badges.
  8. Don't worry about sticking to RGJ-my cadet unit is still with the Bucks Battlion cap badge, and they were the unit before RGJ. We are only now considering moving to Rifles.
  9. Within the Rifles not much has changed. The ethos is still the same. Just uniform has changed. Like the stable belt for eg, the working parts are now black, and there are lines sewn into the belt to represent the battle honors.
  10. Why can't/won't the ACF (both cadets and Officers/Adult Instructors just wear what they're bloody well issued! FFS it's bought and paid for by the tax payer, you're not on ops and a 2/3 day exercise and a summer camp hardly warrents gucci gear bought by individuals to overcome field hardship!

    It's about time every ACF County/Sector/Bn had a regular army RSM to cut out this sort of crap!
  11. What an excellent suggestion. But who'd want to do it?
  12. Make it ERE and combine it with the Training Safety Advisor role (so the Badge can shop Cdt Cmdts to Bde Cmdrs for being scruffy as wel as dangerous cnuts!).

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  13. What he said.