Old bugger trying to join up!

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by glasgeek, Jun 15, 2011.

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  1. Hi there all.

    First a little bit of background. I will soon be 30 years old and have had my sights set on joining the army for a while now. I considered joining as a ODP but it would appear that I am too old. Fair one! I have therefore decided to switch my application to CMT.

    I have managed to get my mile and half time down to a respectable (I think) time of 9:39 and have managed to complete a 10K run in 49 mins. I am presently working on getting my BMI within the NHS stated 'normal range' and may well get there some day! (Hopefully!) I terms of service knowledge I have a great deal of family in the army (my inspiration in the first place, so blame them) and have been researching the hell out of the RAMC. I know that I am letting myself in for a lot of long days of work setting up and striking down tents! I also aim to gain the required phys scores for my branch at the young bucks age group!

    My main question would be, given my age, am I nuts for trying this? Is 30 truly over the hill? Anyone out there know of any "less than spring chickens" who joined up?

    Thanks all and please, lots of banter and piss taking. I have to get used to it!
  2. Gramps

    Gramps Old-Salt Reviewer

    Alright youngster, I went through basic at pirbright at 32, just a few years ago. Go for it, its a good laugh, just go with it and take it with a pinch of salt. You will get the piss taken but thats all part of it. Good luck mate.
  3. Hey
    I am also going through the stages atm and i am 31 female, i have ben to pre adsc failed my run and heeves but training to go back and smash it go for it forget the banter as already said part of it its ur experience at the end of the day
  4. On sunday I start phase one at ATR (B) at the grand old age of 32 and 5 months. Joining the Royal Scots Dragoon guards as MBT crewman. Age just was not a problem for the army and they seemed to realise that while I was less fit than the kids, the experience of age makes up for it in other ways. Your run time is way better than mine was at ADSC and I still managed an A so if your attitude is right and you are well prepared mentally, there is every chance you will make a success of it.
  5. can i ask what ur run time was at ADSC as mine at pre was 14.58 so it HAS to come down and fast also how many heaves did you do, well done on ur start at phase 1 keep coming back and let us know how u get on
  6. Thanks. 11.15 for the run and 8 heaves. Not great by any stretch, but not the worst there either.
  7. Thats good i struggled with the heaves but will keep practising where did you do your ADSC Pirbright ? did you go to pre adsc?
  8. Glencorse via Hamilton AFCO in south lanarkshire. They did a pre ADSC yeah, just 10 of us basically going throught the fitness tests and a wee interview.
  9. Excellent and how did you do on that before you went to ADSC ?
  10. 11.50 on the run, scooched the jerrycan walk and about 6 heaves. I think the slight improvement was a good sign for them.

    edit, typed 'odd' instead of 'good' for some odd reason
  11. I'm 26 next month and in the process of joining... you aint alone old man. go for it and don't look back
  12. Trash talk removed. Stay on topic and be relevant, think before you post!
  13. hi mate i passed off from atr b 1 week ago i am 30 and the whole experience was awesome, go for it pal it will be the best thing you ever do
  14. I've only just started the joining process and I'm 25, I'm hoping when I get to basic that there will be others a similar age to me, but I was reassured at my AFCO that everyone who gets through the application process has made it because of the right qualities, and people too immature or any gobs***s are soon put in there place, basically age is of no concern, friends in the army have told me to just go for it! I cant wait!
  15. Although not quite as 'mature' (I don't want to say old 'cause you're not really old at 30+) as you guys, I'm 23 and I was expecting to be one of the older ones when I get to Basic Training. After speaking to my recruiter though it seems that it's highly unlikely that I will be.